July 21, 2016
Terra Gallery, San Francisco

Here’s our recap

"Altitude has been great. There’s been really interesting talks, and I’ve met some really cool and smart people."
- Chris Buckley, Director of DevOps, Business Insider
"Fastly staff — they’re all awesome. It’s nice to meet everybody."
- Peter McArthur, VP of Backend Engineering, Vimeo
"We’ve been talking to Fastly for a while, and wanted to see what they have available and how they can integrate into our infrastructure. I’m having a lot of fun!"
- Michael Mamaril, Site Reliability Engineer, LinkedIn
"The last Altitude was incredibly useful and really helped settle our strategy for our new properties."
- Matt Landolf, Director of Operations,
"One of the things I’ve enjoyed about Altitude is the opportunity to see the roadmap — we’re getting a sneak peek."
- Kathleen Vignos, Director of Engineering, WIRED

Join Fastly customers and engineers at our second annual customer summit

Real-time applications and the Internet of Things are quickly gaining momentum, fueling a need to provide better online experiences. To serve this goal, we continue to push our applications to the edge of the network.

Altitude is where the future of the edge happens. We invite you to join us for a full-day conference featuring technical content and idea sharing about the edge, web performance, and content delivery, direct from the experts.


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