Altitude London

22 May 2018 at Studio Spaces

Learn about the future of the edge, digital transformation, and cloud trends at Altitude London 2018.

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  • Hear from industry leaders like Fastly CEO Artur Bergman and Financial Times CIO/CPO Cait O’Riordan.
  • Get ahead of future trends in edge compute, cloud, digital transformation, and more.
  • Meet your peers face-to-face and trade war stories.
  • Dive in to hands-on workshops led by Fastly engineers and customers.


Join us for a day of talks and keynotes.

9:00 AM Breakfast and Registration
10:05 AM Opening remarksMain Studio
Artur Bergman
CEO & Founder, Fastly
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Artur Bergman will start the day by talking about Fastly, and the edge computing landscape.

10:20 AM On GDPRMain Studio
Paul Luongo
General Counsel, Fastly
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As part of Fastly’s obligations to provide our edge cloud services in compliance with all applicable laws, and our customer’s obligations not to use our edge cloud services in violation of those same laws, Paul Luongo will discuss the steps we have taken to comply with the GDPR, and in particular the steps we have taken to ease the GDPR compliance burden for our customers.

10:25 AM Morning KeynoteMain Studio
Cait O'Riordan
CIO/CPO, The Financial Times
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Cait O’Riordan, the CIO/CPO of the Financial Times, will give the morning’s keynote.

10:45 AM Enabling lightning fast content delivery for Spotify R&DMain Studio
Jyrki Pulliainen
Product Manager for Content Delivery, Spotify
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At Spotify we use CDNs heavily to serve our 170 million users. While a large share of our traffic is the over 35 million songs we serve, we also serve lots of other assets. Most of these assets are created and owned by teams other than our CDN team. In this talk we will walk through how we at Spotify leverage Fastly APIs to enable lightning fast content delivery for our 2000 person R&D organisation.

We will look into the challenges faced in the CDN space due to Spotify’s roughly 250 R&D teams operating autonomously. We’ll do a deep dive into how we at the Spotify’s CDN team leverage Fastly APIs to enable self-serving for other teams so that regardless of what they serve they can always take advantage of the optimisations we’ve built in collaboration with Fastly to make their content fly lightning fast through the internet.

After this talk you will walk away with a view on how to enable large R&D organisation to work with a self-serving CDN solution: How to unblock the teams and let them not to worry about content delivery but instead let them focus on their core business!

11:10 AM Honing headers for highly hardened highspeed hypertextMain Studio
Andrew Betts
Principal Developer Advocate, Fastly
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The web is growing up and getting faster and more secure. Making that the default is hard to achieve when you have to be backwards compatible, and some of the stuff we built 10 years ago is now a serious security liability. The answer: headers. Lots of headers.

11:35 AM Rearchitecting GitHub PagesMain Studio
Sam Kottler
Engineering Manager, SRE, Github
12:00 PM LunchLounge
1:00 PM A hands-on tour of Image OptimisationMain Studio
Jed Denlea
Principal Architect, Fastly

Peter Teichman
Senior Software Engineer, Fastly
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Today, a staggering 64% of all web traffic (62% on mobile) is image content. It therefore comes as no surprise that image optimisation is the number one feature request by Fastly customers. The reason for this is very simple – image optimisation and delivery come with many pain points. It can be tediously repetitive, error-prone and, due to the many moving parts of a typical image pipeline, be expensive to self-host, support and scale.

In this workshop we will introduce you to the many advantages of image optimisation, discuss use cases, and even show you a few advanced options.

Programming the edge workshopWarehouse
Andrew Betts
Principal Developer Advocate, Fastly
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Through our support for running your own code on our edge servers, Fastly's network offers you a platform of unparalleled speed, reliability and efficiency to which you can delegate a surprising amount of logic that has traditionally been in the application layer. In this workshop, you'll implement a series of advanced edge solutions, and learn how to apply these patterns to your own applications to reduce your origin load, dramatically improve performance, and make your applications more secure.

2:15 PM Edge Computing BreakoutMain Studio
Tyler McMullen
CTO, Fastly
GDPR BreakoutLounge
Paul Luongo
Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Fastly

CI/CD and Testing BreakoutWarehouse
Patrick Hamann
Senior Software Engineer, Fastly
2:45 PM Security BreakoutMain Studio
Jonathan Foote
Principal Security Architect, Fastly
Video BreakoutWarehouse
Artur Bergman
CEO, Fastly
3:15 PM BreakLounge
3:45 PM Fast Fashion: Serving traffic for 60+ major brand websites globally by leveraging a single technology platformMain Studio
Crystal Hirschorn
Director of Engineering, Condé Nast International
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Condé Nast International owns a portfolio of influential brand websites such as Vogue, GQ, Wired, Vanity Fair and Glamour, operating in 11 global markets including Spain, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, Mexico, India, China, Japan, and Taiwan. Millions of requests are served daily across our 62 international brand websites. An ambitious programme is underway to transform local market technology to leverage a unified, globally distributed platform that will serve all brand experiences on both websites and social platforms, as well as provide a centralised CMS for the creation of any content for these brands.

A fundamental goal of the new platform is to serve content as fast as possible. Condé Nast International has been a leader in the publishing business for 108 years and that doesn’t change in a digital world. Beautiful, impactful imagery is also at the heart of our brands. We will cover how we utilise Fastly to ensure the quick delivery of imagery,as well as how we maintain SEO during massive content migrations using VCL-configured redirects at the Edge.

Operating globally also comes with complex technological and legislative challenges. Our China and Russia markets necessitate using differing technologies, vendors, and strategies for storing and retrieving data. This led us to architect infrastructure as code that is repeatable, resilient, scalable and, most importantly, agnostic about representing underlying cloud provider services. This talk will cover aspects of our platform which utilize Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform, Vault, and VCL. We use Fastly services such as Instant Purging using surrogate keys, Shielding, TLS and WAF to allow us to deliver content quickly, accurately and securely.

You will walk away from this talk with a view into why Condé Nast International took certain architectural approaches, along with factors played into our technology decisions.

4:05 PM The burden of a successful feature: Scaling our real time logging platformMain Studio
Ines Sombra
Engineering Director, Fastly
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It’s impossible to understand the health of your system without real-time logging. Our logging platform is one of our favorite and most popular features, and currently handles millions of requests and gigabytes per second of traffic. It’s stateless, real-time, and can provide insight and ship data to a multitude of destinations. Fastly has consistently iterated to keep up with the growth of the platform, and we’ve learned many lessons along the way. In this talk, you’ll get a peek into the system, and how we’ve developed it.

4:30 PM Tackling Terraform at TicketmasterMain Studio
Paris Apostolopoulos
Lead Software Engineer, Ticketmaster
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When Ticketmaster embraced DevOps, the company implemented key technologies that enabled them to re-architect their entire web platform and workflow. Utilizing Fastly with Terraform enabled Ticketmaster to use Fastly as more than a CDN, but as a core component of their new web platform.

Paris will elaborate on the main Fastly features that Ticketmaster currently leverages, and how they manage a large amount of different Fastly services through the use of Terraform, and specifically, the Fastly Terraform Provider.

4:55 PM 10 Terabits in 10 Months; the rapid scale of Fastly’s Global NetworkMain Studio
Tom Daly
VP of Infrastructure, Fastly
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In the period between March 2017 and January 2018, Fastly’s Infrastructure and Edge Cloud Operations added 10 Tbps of additional edge network capacity, bringing our total network edge to 20+ Tbps! On the heels of a massive North American upgrade, our teams set to work what we had learned in rapidly commissioning 7x new POPs in North America to the rest of the world. We’ll share snippets about our technical standards, the way we engage other global networks, and the internal processes we optimised to achieve this scale.

5:10 PM Closing KeynoteMain Studio
Tyler McMullen
CTO, Fastly
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Fastly CTO Tyler McMullen will discuss his recent research and projects, and talk about the future applications of edge computing.

5:30 PM Cocktail reception

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The official hotel for Altitude London is the Dorsett City, London hotel.

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