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Altitude 2020: Build and protect for tomorrow, now.

By building and securing their application logic at the edge, Fastly customers deliver groundbreaking experiences to their users. Hear how these innovators leverage our platform to adapt to changing user needs, holistically secure their apps and sites, and simplify their architecture.

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How developers stepped up when the world went online

Joshua Bixby | CEO at Fastly



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Fastly talk

2021 and beyond: How our vision and roadmap will help you build for tomorrow, now

Dana Wolf

SVP of Product and Marketing, Fastly

Nick Rockwell

SVP of Engineering, Fastly

Customer case study

Election night 2020: under the hood of the nation’s newsroom

Danny Sanchez

Senior Product Manager, Gannett

Yanyan Ni

Site Reliability Engineer, Platform Engineering, Gannett

Fastly talk

Fireside chat: Why Fastly and Signal Sciences are building a unified security platform for secure DevOps

Cassandra Dixon

Sr. Manager, Edge Solutions Architect, Fastly

Zane Lackey

Co-Founder, Signal Sciences, Fastly

Andrew Peterson

Co-Founder, Signal Sciences, Fastly


The promise of edge serverless: Vox Media, Mux, and PerimeterX talk Compute@Edge

Kimmie Nguyen

Moderator: VP of Product Growth, Fastly

Pablo Mercado

CTO, Vox Media

Phil Cluff

Streaming Architect, Mux

Ido Safruti

Co-founder & CTO, PerimeterX

Customer case study

Traveling light: how a simpler architecture — and the promise of edge serverless — put us in a position to win

David Annez

Head of Engineering, loveholidays

Customer case study

How to give the world a wallet: building a secure, seamless payment experience for all

Arijit Ghosh

Software Engineer, PayPal

Where the best of the web builds for the future

See how we help today’s most-loved apps and online experiences adapt to rocketing demand, dynamic customer needs, and evolving security threats.

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Fastly talk

Planning for the unpredictable: growing Fastly’s network in 2020 and beyond

Catharine Strauss

Senior Manager, Capacity Planning & Tools, Fastly

Artur Bergman

Chief Architect & Executive Chair, Fastly

Fastly talk

How developers stepped up when the world went online

Joshua Bixby

CEO, Fastly

Customer case study

How the edge helped us open the aperture for unprecedented ecommerce growth

Hani Batla

CIO/CTO, Adorama

Andriy Say

Lead QA & Reliability Engineer, Adorama

Chaim Klar

Systems Architect, Adorama

Customer case study

How replatforming helped us meet the call of customer needs, employee wellbeing, and business growth all at once

Tom Hayman

Head of Platform Engineering, Dunelm

Fastly talk

Advancing the ecosystem that’ll nourish the next generation of Fastly products

Tyler McMullen

CTO, Fastly

Customer case study

The architecture it takes to deliver one billion A/B tests a day

Adam Nguyen

Senior Software Engineer, Chartbeat

Dolores Quinonez

Senior Software Engineer, Chartbeat

Customer case study

Managing an avalanche of fútbol fans with a live streaming waiting room

Natxo Imaz Erdoiza

CTO, Mediapro

Customer case study

Built to meet the moment: Grubhub

Jeff Valeo

Senior Director - Site Reliability Engineering, Grubhub

Customer case study

Built to meet the moment: Vox Media

Pablo Mercado

CTO, Vox Media

Customer case study

Built to meet the moment: TED Conferences

Dan Russell

SVP of Cloud Strategy, Cloud Sales & Alliances, TED Conferences

Customer case study

Built to meet the moment: Financial Times

Cait O'Riordan

CPO/CIO, Financial Times

Customer case study

Built to meet the moment: Yottaa

Rich Stendardo

CEO, Yottaa

Fastly talk

I’m Tyler McMullen, CTO of Fastly. Ask me anything!

Sean Leach

Chief Product Architect, Fastly

Tyler McMullen

CTO, Fastly

Zane Lackey

Co-Founder, Signal Sciences, Fastly

Customer case study

Scaling smarter through automated traffic control and cacheable experimentation

Dom Charlesworth

Technical Lead, RVU

Customer case study

The great online education migration: building MIT’s open courseware at the edge

Tobias Macey

DevOps Manager. Engineering & Technical Operations, MIT

Customer case study

Magic tricks with Docker (or how to monitor Fastly in about five minutes)

Todd Jimenez

Lead CDN Engineer, Ticketmaster

Customer case study

Innovate like everyone is watching: how to leapfrog user demands in the new era of streaming

Krystal Mejia

Senior Software Engineer, CBS

Matt Ball

Senior Video DevOps Engineer, CBS

Bryce Fisher-Fleig

Lead Video Software Engineer, CBS

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