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Hannah Lee Aubry

Developer Communications Manager
May 12

Community spotlight: building an efficient and portable programming language with Zig

Zig is a language with manual memory management, no runtime, and one simple goal: be as efficient and portable as C, and fix the footguns and limitations that plague its — and neighboring…

March 22

Fastly looks back: 10 years of fond memories

March 3 marked Fastly’s 10 year incorporation anniversary. In honor of the occasion, we interviewed a few of Fastly’s longest-tenured employees to share their memories and visions for the…

March 5

Spotlight on CEO Srivishnu Piratla: how Tech for Good is uplifting communities

Hear from the CEO of Tech for Good, Srivishnu Piratla, as he outlines how teaching computer science skills can support underserved communities and businesses, drive international efforts for…

January 27

Demos and starter kits: new ways for you to learn and build

We’ve overhauled our developer solutions content, adding two new content formats and reorganizing our popular recipes and solution patterns. Meet our new code examples, tutorials, demos, and…

December 15

Problems solved: conversations with devs building the modern internet | Vol. I, Spread Group

Andrew Betts, Fastly’s Principal Developer Advocate, gets technical with Spread Group Senior Software Architect, Martin Breest, digging into his team’s creative use of chatbots and A/B…

December 4

Developer spotlight: Dora Militaru on the “traditional” developer career path myth

In this developer spotlight, we talk to Dora Militaru about her story and thoughts on the tech industry, as well as glean sage advice and inspiration for developers, hiring managers, and…

October 15

How engages young voters and drives civic engagement, part of our Open Source and Nonprofit Program, believes in activating young people to support change. And in the face of COVID-19 and a U.S. election year, they’ve imagined…

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