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Industry: Analytics

Location: San Francisco, CA

Customer since: September 2013

Favorite Features

Instant config changes
TLS termination at the edge
Intuitive API

Why Fastly

Matches their workflow
Secure user experiences

About New Relic

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New Relic is a software analytics company that makes sense of billions of metrics across millions of apps. They deliver real-time insights to more than 500,000 users and 12,000 paid business accounts. As a multi-tenant SaaS platform, the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud helps companies securely monitor their production software in virtually any environment, without having to build or maintain dedicated infrastructure. New Relic helps companies improve application performance, create delightful customer experiences, and realize business success.

Why Fastly

New Relic offers businesses real-time visibility into their applications, giving them the insight they need to make live changes as necessary. Their goal is to offer users an in-depth view into their apps with an easy-to-install, out-of-the-box solution, and they seek the same qualities in the tools they use: tools that offer simple solutions to their biggest, most complicated problems, including maintaining a secure end-user experience without impacting performance. Thousands of businesses rely on New Relic’s analytics software, so they need to make the latest updates available instantly. They turned to Fastly for improved performance, the ability to deploy CDN configuration changes in real time, and a powerful set of tools that matches their workflow and values.

“What I love about Fastly is that they take a part of our business and they do it better than we could ever do. Fastly makes things that people previously said were impossible just part of your everyday routine. That’s where our engineering values are too.” — Nic Benders, Chief Architect

Built by engineers, for engineers

New Relic was initially drawn to Fastly because of its developer-centric roots. After meeting CEO Artur Bergman, they decided Fastly was a great fit for them both in terms of culture and technical needs. As an engineering team, they appreciated Fastly’s intuitive API and agile engineering process. Three years later, Fastly continues to match New Relic’s workflow and values.

“We work with Fastly because it’s a company whose values are significantly similar to ours — great engineering, great culture, always innovating, and totally focused on delivering high-quality products.” — Nic Benders, Chief Architect

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Continuous deployment

Companies around the world rely on New Relic’s cloud-based software analytics; to deliver the best experience, New Relic needs to deploy frequently and maintain total control over how and when new versions of their software are released. Fastly gives them the ability to make real-time changes, as well as the power to revert changes as necessary.

“Fastly matches our workflow so closely; with their really powerful tools, our engineers are set up with version control, live changes, and the ability to revert and see results instantaneously.” — Nic Benders, Chief Architect

With a legacy CDN, it wasn’t possible to make those versions available instantly; Fastly lets them deploy updated software in real time.

“We’re not just deploying once a month during a maintenance window — we’re deploying all the time, pushing new software several times a day. When we make a change that’s going to impact our edge tier, we have to be able to see results immediately. With other vendors, we’d have to wait twenty minutes to an hour for changes to go through. Fastly lets us see results instantaneously, all over the world.” — Nic Benders, Chief Architect

TLS termination at the edge

New Relic implemented Transport Layer Security (TLS) in order to provide a secure experience for their users. Although TLS increases application security, it can lead to increased load times for users. New Relic especially needed to alleviate wait time for TLS connections for their mobile agents, which involved tens of thousands of TLS connections every second. They turned to Fastly for its ability to terminate TLS at the edge, offloading their termination efforts while maintaining a fast and secure end-user experience.

“Fastly offloads the hard part of TLS termination by dealing with all the craziness at the edge and then passing a clean set of long-lived TLS connections back through us without any caches or modification, protecting our users’ information throughout the entire journey. We take all the complexity of TLS termination to Fastly, and they immediately solve the problem.” — Nic Benders, Chief Architect

New Relic’s performance improved as a result of terminating TLS connections at the Fastly edge, saving them 400 mbits per second and cutting their CPU usage by more than 50%.

“TLS termination with Fastly was a really huge improvement and lowered CPU usage for our load balancers by more than half. Fastly is a focused solution that solved a really nasty set of problems.” — Nic Benders, Chief Architect

The ability to do TLS termination at the edge allowed New Relic to focus on their own product offering, and providing great experiences for their customers.

“There are so many problems that we can solve using Fastly instead of building out a solution ourselves. We’re able to specialize one of the very hard parts of our system into Fastly’s product, instead of worrying all day about how to optimize TLS. Fastly helps us take care of just running our business and bringing value to our customers.” — Nic Benders, Chief Architect