Accelerate anything 

Static content
Cache static content — including images, CSS, and JavaScript — to ensure a faster response and download time for your end users. Fastly is built on Varnish, and its architecture is designed to cache entire webpages, handling traffic even more efficiently.

Event-driven content
We’re the only CDN that caches frequently changing and unpredictable content. “Event-driven” content is static for some unknown period of time, and then changes. Examples include wiki pages, news headlines, stock prices, sports scores, inventory, and APIs.

Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA)
Fastly optimizes delivery from origin over long distances. Through the use of network and protocol optimization, along with mechanisms such as Origin Shield, Fastly’s DSA offering is capable of transporting dynamic content over long distances with efficient speed.

Purge instantly at the edge 

Instant Purge
Our purging infrastructure lets you remove content across our entire global network in 150 milliseconds. Fastly lets you purge by URL or by surrogate key. Read a technical deep-dive on our purging system.

Soft Purge
Easily mark content as outdated (stale) instead of permanently deleting it from Fastly’s caches. This means your users’ experience with your site and application won’t be negatively impacted in the case of unavailable origin servers or slow performance. More info on Soft Purge.

Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator

Fastly works with Google Cloud Platform to extend your infrastructure and application logic directly to the edge for:

  • Faster content delivery
  • Optimized backend workload
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Increased scalability

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