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Mobile optimization

Our highly configurable Varnish-based platform gives you fine-grained configuration options for tailoring content to mobile users. You can determine user device, browser type, and whether or not they’re currently logged in and adjust configuration settings accordingly. For example, you can serve smaller images for mobile users or higher resolution images for iPad users, taking advantage of the device’s retina-quality display.

Graphic: Mobile optimization

GeoIP / location detection

With GeoIP/ Location Detection, we can determine where mobile user requests are coming from, allowing you to serve the most relevant content based on location. For example, you can serve information in different languages for different regions or serve special coupons for local stores, all while continuing to deliver content from the edge.

We can also geo-fence URLs so requests from users are grouped together based on location, ensuring they all get the same location-based results. HotelTonight uses geo-fencing to ensure that mobile users in a certain proximity are served the same available hotel rooms nearby.

Graphic:  GeoIP location detection

API caching

Traditional CDNs are unable to cache frequently changing mobile app content served through API calls. Instant Purge allows you to cache frequently and unpredictably changing API content. Our surrogate keys feature allows you to tag specific content for purging while static API content like images or CSS files remains unchanged, ensuring better experiences for mobile users.

Graphic: API caching

TLS termination

Much of today’s web and mobile content is served through apps via API calls. Fastly sits in front of your API so we can accelerate and secure your app’s content. We also allow you to terminate secure TLS connections at the edge for mobile app users. This significantly reduces round-trip times (by 50% on average), minimizing latency. We also allow TLS connections back to your origin for PCI-compliant encryption.

Apple’s iOS 9 requires that all communication be TLS-encrypted by default. Fastly is fully compliant, terminating connections at the edge, ensuring your users have fast, secure experiences.

Graphic: TLS termination