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Load balancing

Fastly’s Layer 7 load balancer allows you to define content-aware routing decisions while ensuring instant convergence and failover. Unlike DNS-based solutions, you get immediate and granular control. We also provide improved performance and cost savings over ADCs, especially during flash traffic.

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Content-aware routing

Content-aware routing

Fastly balances requests (HTTP and HTTPS) to your servers using granular content-aware routing decisions. We support client requests over IPv6 and HTTP/2. You can create an unlimited number of custom rules to intelligently route traffic using various request aspects such as client location, device type, cookies, URL path, and HTTP headers. This allows you to better support a microservices architecture and optimize client responses before delivery.

Our load balancer also provides various distribution algorithms to better manage load on your servers, including random, round robin, weighted round robin, and hash for sticky sessions.

Infrastructure-agnostic distribution

Infrastructure-agnostic distribution

Fastly efficiently manages traffic across multiple infrastructure-as-a-service providers, data centers, and hybrid-clouds. You can use Fastly as a global server load balancer (GSLB) to route traffic across any geographically distributed infrastructure deployments. We also act as a local server load balancer (LSLB) within each data center or cloud region. Our solution ensures near instant origin convergence and failover for immediate and granular control, while eliminating additional network hops or points of failure.

Immediate control

Real-time control

Our dynamic server functionality allows you to programmatically add, delete, or modify your servers without having to version your VCL. This facilitates continuous integration and delivery by enabling programmatic changes to your load balancer server configuration. Instant convergence eliminates TTL dependencies associated with DNS-based load balancing, while automatic HTTP-based health checks ensure that requests are only sent to servers that are healthy and responsive.

You can also add, delete, or modify your custom routing rules. Any changes made to your routing configurations are applied globally within seconds.

Traffic scalability

Traffic scalability

Fastly’s architecture enables our load balancer to instantly scale to multiple terabits per second (Tbps) for cost-effectiveness and transparency. We have no time-based scaling limitations or capacity constraints, unlike ADCs or many elastic load balancers which are susceptible to the thundering herd problem. Our network can easily accommodate traffic spikes without the need to modify your infrastructure.

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