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Your code, your edge network

Fastly’s network of powerful edge caches are at your command. Our comprehensive API integrates directly into your workflows, giving you total control over how you serve content.

A cache you control

Accelerate dynamic assets, cache unpredictably changing content, & transform images at the edge. Purge content by URL or with tags to purge multiple items at once in less than a second, globally.

Combine dynamic and static content

Mix it up with Edge Side Includes, only sending requests back to origin for uncacheable content.

Authentication at the edge

Decode your own authentication tokens and validate user sessions at the edge.

First-class security and performance by default

Monitor traffic in real time, blocking malicious IPs at the edge of the Fastly network. Deploy HTTP/2, push assets with HTTP/2 server push, and guarantee uninterrupted user experiences.

Actionable insights on every request

Get geolocation info, device capabilities, connection, and cache performance metrics, real-time logging, and more.

Test up to $50 of traffic for free.

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