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How does your performance at scale strategy measure up?

Financial institutions have become increasingly aware of competitive dynamics and the need to create more targeted and intuitive customer experiences that are easy to use, always on, and above all, safe and secure.

But many existing technology stacks have possible bottlenecks that are exposed during incidents of high traffic. This can result in a slow customer experience or even a full outage. Customers don’t see that as a technological failure. They perceive it as a breach of trust. 

Serve the thundering herd with confidence. Discover the difference a modern and ultra-fast edge cloud network can make with a customized performance audit.

Provide us with a few pieces of information, and we’ll send you a custom performance audit of your site, specific file or asset, chock full of actionable insights and with no obligation.

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Fastly will use the information submitted through this form to conduct a performance analysis using Catchpoint, a third party service, and to generate and deliver a report setting forth Fastly’s analysis of the results. Please see Fastly’s Privacy Policy for details regarding Fastly’s collection and processing of personal data.

We have received your request for a performance audit, and will send your customized report to the email you provided in the next 3-5 business days.

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Fastly helps the most confident financial services companies — like Affirm, Stripe, and Wealthfront — deliver high-performing, digital experiences at scale, even during unplanned traffic spikes.


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Deliver faster digital experiences by caching more at the edge.

Cache apps and APIs at the edge to serve highly dynamic content like stock prices and financial transactions. Leverage Fastly’s network to speed up delivery of sensitive PII that cannot be cached.

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Seamlessly scale to address traffic surges.

Instantly scale to support unpredictable traffic patterns associated with stock market fluctuations with no capacity constraints or request processing bottlenecks. Built-in routing and load balancing intelligently handle large volumes of simultaneous requests.

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Benefit from performant security built in — not bolted on.

Secure customer data and financial transactions without impacting performance with fully integrated DDoS, WAF, and bot protection. Gain real-time visibility into potential threats and the power to push out new security rules globally in seconds.

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Quickly identify performance issues with enhanced visibility.

Address potential problems on the fly with access to real-time logs of customer engagement levels, traffic trends, and API delivery problems. Plus, feed data into the logging endpoint of your choice for ongoing performance monitoring.

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With the right partner, performance at scale is within reach — it’s also easier to master than you may think.

Drive performance at scale across your IT stack without having to re-architect your infrastructure — even if you have one or more CDNs already in place. 

Looking for world-class support? With a customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) of over 95%*, Fastly is here when you need us — providing documentation, chat, engineers, solutions packages, and more.

*as of June 30, 2020

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