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Mastering performance at scale is easier than you think.

Fastly helps successful high tech companies — like GitHub, Shopify, New Relic, and Imgur — be one with their traffic, delivering high-performing digital experiences at scale.

Connect with one of our experts and discover how Fastly's programmable edge cloud platform – built by developers for developers – can power your agile development.

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Accelerate API responses for enhanced user experiences.

APIs are at the core of many user experiences, whether customers access services through a website, mobile app, or integration within other service providers. Cache or accelerate API responses for better user experiences, and reduce costs with fewer requests to origin.

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Scale seamlessly with customer growth.

Focus on growing your user base and leave deploying and managing infrastructure to us. Tap into our powerful edge cloud platform to deliver fast, secure apps and services at scale.

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Quickly address performance issues with enhanced visibility.

Gain actionable insight into your digital health with real-time logs streamed from the edge. Monitor request response times, origin failures, or suspicious traffic and feed data into the logging endpoint of your choice for further analysis.

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Get security you can control at the speed you need.

Protect your services against disruptive downtime and secure confidential customer data with fully integrated DDoS, WAF, and bot protection. Gain control with real-time visibility into potential threats and the ability to push out new rules globally in seconds. 

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Provide fast, performant TLS at scale.

Simplify TLS provisioning across all your domains and thousands of certificates with easy-to-use UIs and automation. Authenticate users faster by terminating TLS connections at the edge with our API-friendly platform.

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With the right partner, performance at scale is within reach — it’s also easier to master than you may think.

Drive performance at scale across your IT stack without having to re-architect your infrastructure — even if you have one or more CDNs already in place. 

Looking for world-class support? With a customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) of over 95%*, Fastly is here when you need us — providing documentation, chat, engineers, solutions packages, and more.

*as of June 30, 2020

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