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Mastering performance at scale is easier than you think.

It's no secret that consumers' expectations are on the rise, as is their desire to communicate with brands through a growing number of channels and devices. Fastly helps successful high tech companies be one with their traffic — delivering high-performing digital experiences at scale.

With an edge cloud platform that’s well aligned to support modern app development, Fastly provides a foundation for innovative solutions, like headless content management systems (CMS), enabling you to create great digital experiences.

Learn how Fastly supports headless CMS and modern app development to help you deliver great customer experiences, in our latest solution brief.

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With the right partner, performance at scale is within reach — it’s also easier to master than you may think.

Fastly helps successful high tech companies — like GitHub, Shopify, New Relic, and Imgur — be one with their traffic, delivering high-performing digital experiences at scale.

Connect with one of our experts and discover how Fastly's programmable edge cloud platform – built by developers for developers – can power your agile development.

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Be one with traffic and confidently deliver the best digital experiences at any scale.

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