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Security doesn’t have to be a push-and-pull between departments. Fastly’s web app and API protection is designed to work seamlessly with DevOps and security tooling, while giving developers and SecOps the visibility they crave.

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Fastly's advanced protection goes way beyond checking a compliance box. From our award-winning next-gen WAF, to powerful DDoS and bot protection, we’ve got you (and your stress levels) covered. In other words, it’s better security, made way simpler.

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  • Next-gen WAF

  • Bot protection and mitigation

  • Advanced Rate Limiting

  • API protection

  • DDoS

Beloved by the best in security.

We’ve recently welcomed Signal Sciences to the Fastly team — and with them comes world-class security experts and award-winning products.

The “90% use it in blocking mode” factor

See how reliability, effectiveness, and automation come together. Our web app and API protection is run in full blocking mode by over 90% of our customers.¹ That means so long to false positives and full-time maintenance, and a very warm welcome to staying ahead of threats. 

Protection everywhere. Yes, everywhere.

Protect mission-critical apps, wherever they live. Our solution is easy to install regardless of how complex your architecture is, what language your apps are written in, or where your company is in its digital transformation journey.

¹as of Dec. 31, 2020

There’s a better way to do security.

See how an all-in-one, integrated security solution can help your teams.

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