Deliver fast, personalized experiences globally

  • Faster purging

    Cache highly dynamic content at the edge with the peace of mind that it can be purged from cache globally in 150 milliseconds.

  • Higher cache hit ratios

    Fewer, more powerful POPs allows you to cache rapidly changing content at the edge for longer. A better cache hit ratio means your users get quicker response times and downloads.

  • Better performance

    Dynamic site acceleration features come standard for speedy content delivery, improving conversion and retention rates, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and ad revenue.

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You're in good company

Accelerate your websites with the highest rated CDN on the market

  • 223 Tbps
    Edge network capacity
  • 150 ms
    Mean purge time
  • 1.4 tn+
    Daily requests served
  • 13 sec
    mean global deploy time for new code

Our customers are our priority

“By transforming our tech stack with Fastly's edge cloud platform, the next generation of the Ticketmaster platform has better performance and operates at half the cost of legacy CDN.”
Todd Jimenez
Lead CDN Engineer
  • Build logic at the edge

    Innovate at your own speed with a programmable edge, designed for safety, visibility, and control

  • Reduce your business costs

    By offloading content to Fastly, you can reduce pricey bandwidth and storage costs and reduce the burden on your servers

  • More control, more flexibility

    Accelerate your workflow by enabling teams to do more on their own, seamlessly

Fastly edge cloud pricing

All purchase options come with a complete set of Fastly features to help you build amazing digital experiences and meet your business goals with speed and confidence.


Everything you need to get started and plan for your future scale.

Best for

Any size company looking to give Fastly a try.


  • Next-Gen WAF
    • Premier Base Platform
    • 250 RPS
    • 10 Workspaces
    • 10 Edge Rate Limit Counters
    • 10 Edge Rate Limiting Penalty Boxes
    • 15 Advanced Rate Limiting Rules per site
    • Includes blocking capacity of 25,000 unique client identifiers per Advanced Rate Limiting Rule
  • Gold Security Support


Go further. Predictable spending that accelerates your growth.

Best for

Small companies looking for a trusted provider.


  • Fastly Full Site Delivery
    • 2B Requests per month
    • 30 Services
    • 200 Backends
    • 48,000 purges per hour
    • 1 Health Check per minute
  • Fastly TLS
    • 40 domains Additional domains available per month
  • Fastly Image Optimizer
    • 800M Monthly Image Requests
  • Gold Support
  • Fastly Academy


Delivery capabilities and white glove service that align to your size and needs.

Best for

Large companies with a global focus.


  • Fastly Full Site Delivery
    • 5B Requests per month
    • 50 Services
    • 400 Backends
    • 100,000 purges per hour
    • 4 Health Checks per minute
  • Fastly TLS
    • 80 domains Additional domains available per month
  • Fastly Image Optimizer
    • 2.5B Monthly Image Requests
  • Enterprise Support
  • Fastly Academy
proven, tested, trusted

Fastly’s products are loved by both customers and analysts

97% customers would recommend Fastly

Fastly received the highest customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, and 97% said they would recommend it to other customers.

An innovative content delivery service

Recognized in 2022 as a Leader by IDC for our innovative, developer-focused content delivery services.

100 times faster than other solutions

With an execution speed 100 times faster than other solutions and unmatched isolation technology security, Compute@Edge was named a Leader in the Forrester New Wave: Edge Development Platforms report.

  • Stripe
    "We have confidence in Fastly that we don’t have for other vendors we looked at. Because we move money around, we need the best available option for any number of things related to performance, security, and stability. We only considered what we thought was best in class, and Fastly was the obvious choice."
    Marc Hedlund
    VP of Engineering
  • BigCartel
    "Moving to Fastly has enabled us to solve problems that would be extremely difficult to solve on our own. Fastly is a force multiplier that enables our business to do more with less, and ensures smooth, fast, and reliable customer interactions."
    Lee Jensen
    Technical Director
  • New Relic
    “What I love about Fastly is that they take a part of our business and they do it better than we could ever do. Fastly makes things that people previously said were impossible just part of your everyday routine. That’s where our engineering values are too.”
    Nic Benders
    Chief Architect

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