The social media landscape is shifting — are you ready for the Fediverse?

  • You should own your community relationships

    Build your community on a platform you own and customize it to suit the needs of your organization and your audience. Because your community shouldn’t be locked in or subject to the whims of a third-party platform.

  • We’re helping the Fediverse scale today

    We’re built to handle traffic patterns like what you can expect on the Fediverse, and we’re already supporting everyone from the biggest services to the infrastructure that makes it go. By offloading content to Fastly, you can reduce pricey bandwidth and storage costs.

  • Your community is in good company

    Your people and their data are in good hands with Fastly. Our data governance policies prioritize privacy and protection by design, and we strive to maintain a network where good people feel safe.

building the Fediverse

We support the builders growing the decentralized, social web

Mastodon uses Fastly to serve, their APIs, and their flagship instances and They also use Fastly’s NGWAF to protect against DDOS attacks.
  • A new chapter for the web

    The Fediverse is social interaction with no central point of control, operated by communities for communities. It can unlock all new potential for a social web that evolves constantly to meet the needs of its users, its architects, and even world events.

  • The most interesting days are still ahead

    We believe that the most exciting times for the Fediverse are still ahead. Nonetheless, the technical challenges implied by social, real-time software of this scale are formidable.

  • Open technologies built for and led by communities

    We’re proud to support bright technologists whose insight and resilience can be amplified by our world-spanning infrastructure. We know it’s important to support open technologies and keep them open.

Fastly for the Fediverse

Read about how we’re helping the Fediverse

Fastly and the Fediverse, pt. 1.

Learn how the Fediverse works, how we’re supporting it now, and how we think our technology and expertise can help it grow sustainably.

Welcome Mastodon to Fast Forward

We’re proud to support Mastodon, including and, through our open source program to help them grow the open web.

Can ActivityPub save the internet?

The tech industry is abuzz about a new standard for social networking that is more open, more user-centric, and potentially more powerful than Twitter and Facebook.

Fastly and the Fediverse, pt. 2

We want to catalyze a shift where the primary focus of Fediverse creators becomes how we encourage great, healthy communities, not how do we scale to meet demand.

Anil Dash on Mastodon Joining Fastly’s Open Source Program

Fastly VP Anil Dash talks to us about funding Mastodon, and a new web stack he's floated based on the fediverse + Wasm + Tailscale + SQLite.

The Glitch Community’s Guide to Building the Fediverse

The Glitch community has already been busily building new tools and apps to help folks get started, create creative bots, and make the fediverse more interesting.

  • Mastodon
    "With Fastly’s technology, Mastodon is able to provide a faster experience to everyone who uses or federates with and We're glad to be working with them to ensure the millions of people who rely on Mastodon everyday for real time conversation and community can do so without any hiccups."
    Eugen Rochko
    CEO of Mastodon
  • Jortage
    “I'm pleased with the results we've seen using Fastly for the storage pool, which serves ~70 instances. Content loads 2-5× faster than with our previous CDN, including for uncached requests. As a seasoned Unix admin, I appreciate the transparency Fastly offers, going as far as to allow you to see and modify raw Varnish configuration. Other services lock you into their proprietary configuration panels."
    Una Thompson
    Maintainer of Jortage

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