Forrester names Fastly Compute a Leader in the 2023 Wave for Edge Development Platforms

  • Fastly has a vision for a locationless internet with innovative compute

    See why independent experts gave our vision, innovation, and roadmap a 5/5 score — and how we exhibit a firm commitment to building developer communities and working closely with open-source communities.

  • Code execution in microseconds, not milliseconds

    Our name is Fastly — it’s no surprise our Fastly Compute runtime execution environment earned the highest score possible. It’s the flexibility of industry-standard Wasmtime, with the power of Fastly’s signature performance and innovation.

  • Devs actually like using Fastly Compute

    Fastly’s developer portal makes it super-easy for coders to get started. We’ve got extensive step by step learning and onboarding guides, and an entire library of use cases backed by hundreds of code examples to help you instantly get started solving real-world problems.

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