Fastly makes it simple to be modern and secure

  • Easy to try

    Free access to delivery and compute capabilities from the best edge platform in the world for up to two domains - no credit card required.

  • Easy to buy

    Flat rate, predictable pricing. Forget bandwidth. No overage charges. Simplified pricing across our platform gives you predictable and transparent billing for content delivery, security, and serverless computing.

  • Easy to use

    Pick your package and start provisioning with Terraform, our API, or the Fastly UI and app, or learn how easy it is to use our Next-Gen WAF. Every Fastly package includes our world-class support and developer resources.

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Fastly modernizes you in an instant

  • Global edge networking

    We built a global edge network so that you can use it as a service. Now it’s simple for anyone to build and instantly deploy global applications

  • Modern network, modern protocols

    Fastly continuously updates our network to ensure you’re always on the cutting edge with HTTP3, QUIC, TLS 1.3, and whatever comes next

  • Visibility and real-time logging

    Incredibly flexible options for real-time log streaming plus real-time and historical metrics. Get immediate access to actionable insights

  • Real-time technologies

    Speed up real-time updates on the edge. WebSockets and Fanout let you reliably run messaging, one-to-many, and bi-directional updates on Fastly

  • Secure by design

    Fastly builds isolation and sandboxing security into our serverless compute platform so you don’t have to worry about it

  • Open standards and code portability

    Fastly lets you build against open standards in tools and languages you’re already familiar with, so there’s no fear of lock-in

Predictable pricing. No overages. No surprises.

Predictable pricing. Forget bandwidth.

Your success matters, bandwidth doesn’t. Choose the Network Services package that works for you and stop worrying about bandwidth irregularities, seasonality issues, or a surprise bill from one weird spiky month. Our prices are competitive, but the peace of mind and additional value Fastly provides is priceless.

Keep your site and your budget secure.

Our new security packages make it easy to get started and increase your security posture if and when you need it. Whether you just need the basics, or you’re a constant target of advanced attacks, we’ve got you covered. It’s easy to migrate and get started with our Next-Gen WAF, there’s no lock-in, and no overages or surprise bills.

Safe, flat-rate serverless computing.

Moving into a new technology or computing environment can feel risky, but our flat-rate, predictable prices for serverless Compute@Edge makes it safe to get the benefits at the edge without worrying about surprise bills or overages. Pick the package that’s right for you and start building on the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Simplified application and API protection

  • Deploy anywhere

    Protect your apps & APIs anywhere with flexible deployment options. You can deploy at the edge, on-prem, and in the cloud, and it’s all managed under a single dashboard

  • Great security, no modifications

    Deploy Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF on the edge without any modifications to your hosting environment, and start blocking threats closer to the source

  • Easy migration and fast deployments

    Typical deployment times are in minutes or hours, not weeks or months. It’s simple to start, and starts working right out of the box

  • Consolidate vendors without lock-in

    Next-Gen WAF support for multi-cloud and multi-CDN helps you consolidate vendors and run a single WAF across your entire technology footprint

  • Simple pricing, any deployment

    We bill based on requests per second to align with the effectiveness of your protection, and it’s the same, predictable pricing no matter how you deploy

  • Eliminate alert fatigue

    About 90% of Next-Gen WAF customers run it in full blocking mode. No more regex management. No more false positives

It’s here – start today on Fastly’s free tier

Experience everything that’s great about Fastly’s platform for up to two domains. For free. No credit card required.

Delivery & Security

Experience Fastly’s famous lightning-fast delivery, instant purge, full configurability, easy smart redirects. You get our powerful core DDoS protection with the Fastly network, and more.

Why it's great:

Faster, more reliable, secure global delivery on a modern network with a company you’ll love.

Serverless Compute

Move more logic to the edge for better scaling, reduced infrastructure costs, easy code roll-backs, instant global deployment, and more. Join the future of app development on the edge.

Why it's great:

Build global applications with languages you already know on a platform built for the future.

New! Observability

See your success in real-time with visibility metrics you can understand through useful charts that make traffic fun again. Plus real-time log streaming, request tracing, and connections to other observability tools.

Why it’s great:

Understand your traffic and make better decisions.


Fastly supports you every step of the way

Easy to get started

Get up and running with great documentation, API references, code examples, a community forum and knowledge base, and instructional guides! Take advantage of Terraform and tons of integrations to the tools you already use, plus our amazing customer support.

Buy Fastly on cloud marketplaces

If you prefer to purchase through a cloud marketplace like AWS or GCP you can keep things simple with a unified billing experience and use your existing credits. You might even be eligible for special discounts or rebates through these programs. Contact your rep to find out!

Our Partner Network is ready to help

Our award-winning partner network provides flexible deployment options while acting as a single point of contact to make your purchasing experience simple and straightforward. We’re selective, ensuring our partners offer great service and support.

  • Stripe
    "We only considered what we thought was best in class, and Fastly was the obvious choice."
    Marc Hedlund
    VP of Engineering
  • Slate
    "It's very easy to get started with Fastly. The documentation is great, the support is great, and it just works."
    Greg Lavallee
    VP of Technology
  • New Relic
    "Fastly makes things that people previously said were impossible just part of your everyday routine."
    Nic Benders
    Chief Architect

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By creating an account you agree to the Terms of Service and acknowledge our Privacy Policy.