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Free Tier

The only surprise is how much you’ll love it.

  • $50/mo worth of CDN traffic

  • No request throttling, ever

  • No advertised logos in front of your customers, ever

  • No cap on redirects & page rules

  • No cap on regular expressions

  • Purge anything from global cache in 150ms


Scales with your business as you grow. $50/mo + usage.

Credit card required.

Includes everything in Free tier plus:

  • Unrestricted bandwidth, just pay for usage

  • Unrestricted requests, just pay for usage

  • Unrestricted TLS certificates, 5 certificates included

  • Mutual TLS 

  • SSO authentication

  • Standard support for prompt, dedicated responses


$1,500 / mo and up

Pick your own combination of product packages below to get started.

  • Expert technical assistance on demand

  • Mix and match package sizes across product lines

  • Simple, predictable billing with no surprise charges

  • Adjustable usage limits for all package features

  • Adjustable request and bandwidth capacity for your business needs


Enterprise-ready migration & pricing strategies.

Build a plan that is perfect for the scale and complexity of your distributed network.


Every purchase option includes a comprehensive suite of Fastly features, empowering you to create extraordinary digital experiences and achieve your business objectives with unmatched speed and confidence.






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Request pricing

Request pricing

For smaller businesses looking to improve web and app performance and reliability with core CDN capabilities.

For cost-conscious businesses who want to scale their website(s), apps and APIs quickly.

For growing businesses looking to enhance performance or add resiliency.

For larger businesses that require collaborative support for complex distributed systems.

Price per Month



Contact for pricing

Contact for pricing

Requests per Month

100M Requests

500M Requests

2B Requests

5B Requests

Instant purge

TLS Domains

20 domains

40 domains

80 domains

150 domains

Fastly Image Optimizer Monthly Image Requests

30M Image Requests

150M Image Requests

800M Image Requests

2.5B Image Requests

Mutual TLS

2 mTLS

Unlimited mTLS

Unlimited mTLS

Unlimited mTLS


1M mins

1M mins

50M mins

100M mins






*Package Requirements – Network Services packages are intended for web pages (including HTML) and web APIs, and are not intended for streaming services. No more than 10% of traffic may originate in the African, Indian, or South Korean billing regions.


We provide several ways to give Fastly a try before you purchase anything. Use a trial account to get hands-on experience exploring the capabilities of our platforms.

Try Network Services delivery for Free

Discover our delivery features with complimentary $50 worth of traffic and 2 free TLS certificates.

WebSockets 30-day Free Trial

Unlock seamless real-time communication between your API and clients for 30 days with our free WebSockets trial.

Image Optimizer 30-day Free Trial

Improve performance with optimized images, transformed and served at the edge with our free 30-day trial.

Network Services package glossary

Learn more about features included in packages.


Fastly Full Site Delivery

Full-Site Delivery uses Fastly’s global content delivery capabilities to cache and accelerate the delivery of your HTTP-based file content such as video, images, CSS, Javascript files, as well as HTML and API responses. 


An HTTP request. Requests include those made by the end user to Fastly, between Fastly POPs, and from Fastly POPs to origin.


A logical configuration that captures a selection of inbound traffic (using domains or service pinning), connects it to origin servers, applies rules, and runs edge code.


A non-Fastly internet host from which Fastly will fetch content to serve in response to end-user requests. Also known as an Origin.


An action that explicitly invalidates or expires an object in the Fastly edge cache. A soft purge will mark the object as stale, while a hard purge will invalidate the object.

Health Checks

A regular HTTP request made by Fastly to an origin server to check that the origin is in a fit state to accept traffic.

Load Balancer

The practice of selecting a backend server from a pool of available, appropriate and often functionally identical servers based on a strategy designed to maximize performance and availability.

Log Streaming

We support real-time log streaming of data that passes through Fastly. We support a number of protocols that allow you to stream logs to a variety of locations, including third-party services, for storage and analysis.

Fastly TLS

A Fastly product that provides TLS provisioning with Fastly-managed or customer-managed certificates. Suitable for 1-1000 domains.


An internet hostname, such as my.host.example.com or www.example.com that is associated with a service.

Fastly Image Optimizer

A Fastly product that allows images passing through the Fastly edge cloud to be transformed as required by the client.

Monthly Image Requests

When loading your website and sending a request for the image, the user’s web client will use the website’s CSS to determine which version of the image is appropriate for the device. It will send a request to your servers for the image with those parameters, and the image optimization solution will apply the transformation to the image response.

Billing for Fastly IO is based on the number of monthly image requests that are processed and delivered. 

Gold Support

Fastly will respond to the report of an Incident by troubleshooting the causes of the Incident and resolve them if caused by factors within Fastly's control, or provide information to those who can resolve the factors if the factors are within others' control, as follows in documentation.

Enterprise Support

Fastly will respond to the report of an Incident by troubleshooting the causes of the Incident and resolve them if caused by factors within Fastly's control, or provide information to those who can resolve the factors if the factors are within others' control, as follows in documentation.

Fastly Academy

Build your foundation of essential Fastly concepts and terms you will need before diving into more advanced courses in Fastly Academy.

Fastly mTLS

Fastly-managed certificates are an option for both paid accounts and trial accounts. When Fastly manages your certificates, you use the Fastly web interface or API to select the CA from which Fastly should procure your TLS certificates. Fastly then procures DV certificates from the authority you've chosen.


Protocol that allows you to establish long-lived, two-way, interactive communication sessions between an end user's client (such as a web browser) and your servers.

Self-Service Pricing

We offer self-service pricing plans for certain products you can enable yourself. Review the options below and get in touch with our sales team to get started.

Full-Site Delivery pricing


Bandwidth (per GB per region)



First 10 TB

Next 10 TB

(per 10,000 requests)

North America












South America




Australia & New Zealand




South Korea












Delivery pricing estimator

Input your anticipated bandwidth requirements for each of our supported regions below. Our free trial allows you to pay as you go for content delivery and streaming delivery across our global regions.

Cost is estimated based on a monthly schedule.

Total monthly pricing estimate
Bandwidth (GB)
File requests
Cost (USD)

Contact one of our sales representatives to obtain a more detailed quote.Get sales quote

We bill our customers a minimum of $50 per month based on the combined total of your bandwidth and request usage.

Bandwidth for content delivery and streaming delivery is measured as gigabytes delivered from Fastly caches by region. Fees are calculated at the bandwidth rates. Rate reductions are applied automatically with greater usage.

HTTP and HTTPS requests are accumulated in units of 10,000 by region. Fees for content delivery and streaming delivery are calculated at the request rates.

TLS/SSL secure connections

Every Fastly account includes FREE secure connection via TLS for your first two domains.

TLS Service type

Monthly costs

Fastly-managed TLS subscription (managed TLS)  – Non-profit CA or Certainly

2 domains included with free trial account

5 domains included with paid account, $20 per additional domain

Fastly-managed TLS subscription (managed TLS)  – Commercial CA

$275 per domain

Self-managed TLS certificates (Bring Your Own Certificates)

5 domains included with paid account, $20 per additional domain

Mutual TLS

2 domains free with paid account. Unlimited domains for $500

Need high-volume or custom requirements? Contact our Sales team.

Learn more about Fastly's TLS/SSL service options.

Fastly Compute pricing

Build high scale, globally distributed applications and execute code at the edge — without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Test it free with a trial, then speak with an expert to get Compute activated for your business.

Fastly charges for Compute based on the total number of compute requests you make plus their compute duration, which is the duration of memory usage, and CPU time. Each compute request uses the Fastly delivery architecture and the associated Compute charges apply in addition to applicable delivery charges.

Base Price



Compute Requests

$0.50 / Million Requests

Compute Duration

$0.000035 / GB-Sec

Compute Requests is defined by the total number of Compute requests (in millions). Compute Requests are counted each time Compute executes in response to an event.

Compute Duration is the duration of memory usage and is measured from the beginning of executing a request until the response is returned or is otherwise terminated. Compute Duration is measured in 50 ms increments and is based on 128 MB of memory allocation per request. Monthly totals are presented on your invoice as GB-Seconds.

Included vCPU & Charges


Overage Pricing

vCPU Seconds

$0.000045 / vCPU Sec

vCPU Seconds is the measurement of CPU Processing Time per Request. Requests of 20 ms or less in duration do not incur any vCPU charges; Any vCPU time beyond 20ms is metered and charged in increments of 10 ms. The total number of  metered vCPU milliseconds are aggregated and converted to seconds (1000 ms) when presented on your monthly bill.

Enable a Compute trialAsk an expert

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