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Coping with technical debt

IT Pro Portal Podcast
27. Oktober 2021

The Top 50 Women Leaders in SaaS 2021

The Software Report
26. Oktober 2021

#HowTo: Counter Common E-commerce Threats

Byline for Infosecurity Magazine, by Sean Leach, Chief Product Architect at Fastly
18. Oktober 2021

How Hackers Use Our Brains Against Us

The Wall Street Journal
7. September 2021

It's Not Your Imagination: API and Web Security Is Getting Harder

Byline for Dark Reading, by Zane Lackey, Co-Founder of Signal Sciences, now part of Fastly
17. August 2021

How Do I Let Go of 'Human Error' as an Explanation for Incidents?

Byline for Dark Reading by Kelly Shortridge, Senior Principal, Product Technology at Fastly
27. Juli 2021

The Boss Wants You Back in the Office. Like, Now.

The Wall Street Journal
24. Juli 2021


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