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Fastly Live Event Services

More easily deliver the quality live streaming experiences your viewers demand — at scale.

With real-time monitoring, streaming delivery, request collapsing, capacity planning, and flexible deployment, Fastly Live Event Services gives you insights into your live streaming performance and the ability to troubleshoot immediately — all while reducing your costs.

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Improve observability and monitoring

Get real-time insight into your traffic

Fastly gives you end-to-end visibility of every request and response — even if you’re using a multi-CDN strategy. By being able to report and react in real time to changes in network behavior, you can head off any issues before they impact your delivery and ensure a quality live experience for your viewers.

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Maintain quality at scale

Deliver large-scale live streams with resiliency and capacity

Our POPs are built with solid-state drives with large amounts of memory in well-connected locations around the world, empowering you to scale to meet your demand without having to build out your own infrastructure. This smarter architecture also provides you with a higher cache-hit ratio, significantly reducing the need for requests to the origin.

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Deploy flexibly and troubleshoot immediately

Empower developers with agile tools to support their needs

Our API-friendly, programmable edge cloud platform gives developers the tools they need to deliver the experiences users want. Configurations can be deployed in real-time, and you have the option to roll them back just as quickly, should the need arise. Plus, our world-class Live Event Monitoring support is here to proactively monitor your streams.

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Reduce egress costs

Process at the edge to reduce origin egress costs

Decreasing trips to the origin — and ultimately the amount of origin infrastructure — with our request collapsing capability reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of live video streaming, including your operational cost.

Origin connect reduce transit costs

A smarter network for a more trusted internet.

Our network is built smarter, not larger. Our strategically distributed, high-capacity POPs help you move data and applications closer to users to deliver the most up-to-date content in an instant.

Full control for a truly agile developer experience.

Make changes on the fly, instantly roll back code, and safely experiment at the edge with our API-first platform — fully integrated into your continuous deployment workflow.

Quality support no matter what your needs.

When you have questions, we have answers. Our world-class support includes documentation, chat, engineers, solutions packages, and more.

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