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Secure DevOps insights + best practices with Fastly and Brave Software

Fastly’s CISO, Mike Johnson, and Brave Software’s Senior DevOps Engineer, Ben Kero, recently chatted about the concept of secure DevOps and how companies can make security a core part of their development pipeline.

The edge of the multi-cloud White Paper

7 reasons why edge cloud platforms complement a multi-cloud approach

How Gannett uses Fastly to deliver and secure the fastest-loading news site in the U.S.

Learn how Fastly helps Gannett instantly serve headlines, scale to accommodate traffic spikes, build efficiencies into their pipeline, and secure the end-to-end experience.

How RVU leverages Fastly to build consistency across its brand portfolio

An in-depth look at how tech company RVU leverages Fastly’s edge cloud platform to build a layer of consistency across the back end of its market comparison sites and apps.

Content Delivery Summit 2020: A quick word with Fastly

Learn more about the role of the edge in reducing latency and time-behind-live, in this fireside chat from the 2020 Content Delivery Summit.

Site Performance and SEO: How to leverage a CDN to improve your Google rankings

Join Fastly and Conductor to learn how your engineering and digital teams can partner to improve your site performance and SEO using your CDN configurations. Topics covered include: - Why your Google page ranking is…

How Atresmedia addressed its live streaming challenges on Fastly's edge cloud platform

Fastly’s edge cloud platform helps Atresmedia improve quality of experience (QoE) for live streaming experiences, empower developers with real-time data, and reduce origin costs by 60%.

Fastly Travel Technology Webinar

Fastly Travel Technology Webinar featuring LoveHolidays and Holiday Extras: How to build highly optimised web architectures in the travel industry

Fastly Image Optimizer

Learn how Fastly Image Optimizer brings balance between rich experiences and stellar performance. Companies including Boden, Big Cartel, and The Guardian are using Fastly IO to significantly reduce the size of their images, increase delivery…

How Spotify aligned CDN services on Fastly for a lightning-fast streaming experience

An in-depth look at how Spotify leveraged Fastly’s edge cloud platform to build a self-service solution that made their content fly.

Altitude NYC 2019 | Highlights

A look at Fastly’s Altitude NYC 2019 and what made it such a valuable event for developers and technology leaders.

Keynote: Fastly and the future of the edge | Altitude NYC 2019

Fastly leadership takes the stage to talk about what’s on the horizon for Fastly, and how the company is more poised than ever to exceed the needs of today’s edge developers.

From content to logic and beyond: The future of Fastly’s edge | Altitude NYC 2019

Fastly’s Chief Architect, Sean Leach explores both the current state and the untapped potential of logic at the edge — from paywall authorization and A/B testing to dynamic ad delivery.

Credentials for the modern world: authentication with higher reliability, more privacy, and less risk | Altitude NYC 2019

Richard Barnes, Chief Security Architect for Collaboration at Cisco, discusses new and emerging technologies that improve authentication — making it easier to manage credentials, safer to deploy secure services in delegated environments, and possible to…

What TLS 1.3 means for HTTPS | Altitude NYC 2019

Patrick McManus, Distinguished Engineer at Fastly, explores how the definition of secure networking is expanding and why TLS1.3 is faster, more robust, and more responsive than ever before.

QUIC and HTTP/3: what, why, and what’s coming | Altitude NYC 2019

Fastly Distinguished Engineer, Jana Iyengar, discusses QUIC — the more responsive, secure, and agile transport protocol set to replace TCP for the web. Hear how QUIC ensures that applications’ connections are confidential, keeps flexibility for…

Terraform + Fastly: now better, together | Altitude NYC 2019

Sweeping updates have been made that reconcile Fastly’s Terraform provider with key Fastly app functionality. Davy Stevenson, Sr. Director of Application Engineering, offers a glimpse into the latest updates, plus a future roadmap for ongoing…

Cats, memes, and everything in between: how Giphy delivers billions of GIFS at scale | Altitude NYC 2019

Join Giphy CTO, Anthony Johnson as he explains how Fastly enables Giphy to deliver billions of GIFs to millions of users — every single day.

Powering the world’s checkout counter: behind Stripe’s multi-CDN strategy | Altitude NYC 2019

Suhas Muralidhar and Shulin Jia, Software Engineers at Stripe, share how the company not only uses CDNs to serve static assets on Stripe’s sites, but also to serve its secure hosted payment page. They’ll also…

Rack and Roll: How Fastly’s network grows with purpose | Altitude NYC 2019

Go behind the scenes with Fastly’s Senior Director of Hardware Systems Engineering, Davin Camara, and Supply Chain Manager, Kat Diamantine to learn about how our new “Rack and Roll” POP delivery program lets us strategically…

What’s next for Fastly | Altitude NYC 2019

Join Fastly’s VP of Technology, Hooman Beheshti as he outlines the company’s near-term projects and long-term vision at Altitude NYC 2019.

Defending against OWASP top 10 security risks | Altitude NYC 2019 Workshop

Learn how to use Fastly’s WAF and how to employ various attack mitigation strategies, including ACLs, CSPs, error handling and redirects. By the end of this workshop, you will have a black belt in testing…

The Fastly app toolkit: three ways to build logic into your service | Altitude NYC 2019 Workshop

Learn how to add load balancing, conditional origin selection, and redirects to your service using three different methods — UI, code snippets, and API calls — all in the Fastly app.

Going live using real-time logging | Altitude NYC 2019 Workshop

Learn how to deliver live video at scale. This workshop thoroughly explains key video delivery optimizations and, more importantly, demonstrates their efficacy using the data collected from both Fastly Log Streaming/Sumo Logic and the Mux…

Advanced VCL — restarts and service chaining | Altitude NYC 2019 Workshop

Dive into some of the more subtle details of Varnish and Fastly internals, including two advanced topics — restarts, which are used for authentication, authorization, resilience, and migrations, and service chaining, which is the practice…

The ins and outs of the VCL-Fetch subroutine | Altitude NYC 2019 Workshop

Explore the default behavior of Fetch, the related behaviors it can affect — including shielding, node clustering, hit-for-pass, and vary in Fetch vs. Deliver — and how we identify them while debugging.

Moving logic from the app to the edge | Altitude NYC 2019 Workshop

Play around in Fastly’s code-testing environment, Fiddle, to implement a series of advanced edge solutions, like segmented caching and geofencing. Also learn how to apply these patterns to your own applications to reduce your origin…

The rise of secure DevOps in modern financial organizations White Paper

Why financial institutions need to go beyond DevOps to create better online experiences

The 3 stages of cloud evolution: charting your path from hybrid to public to multi-cloud

Join industry veterans Craig Matsumoto from 451 Research and Adam Denenberg from Fastly, as they explore the pros and cons of each stage of the typical cloud journey and share recommendations on which stage is…

Segmented Caching FAQ

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Fastly’s Segmented Caching feature.

Multi-CDN in streaming: lessons learned (and where to go from here)

Learn about the benefits and barriers of a multi-CDN architecture and how to identify if it’s the right strategy for your company during this fireside chat with Dan Rayburn, Media Analyst, and Lee Chen, Head…

Multi-CDN research survey Guide

Entender los impulsores reales, las dificultades identificadas y las estrategias operativas.

4 Things to Consider When Delivering Apps in Hybrid or Multi-Cloud Environments

Descubre cómo potenciar el uso híbrido y multi-cloud, y los principales factores que tienes que considerar al ofrecer aplicaciones en la nube.

How to build a CI/CD pipeline with Terraform

Crea un plan de implementaciones continuas con Travis, Terraform, Fastly y GitHub.

Load Balancer Datasheet

Balanceo de carga dependiente del contenido para cualquier entorno de infraestructura

Image Optimizer FAQ

Preguntas y respuestas sobre el optimizador de imágenes de Fastly

Image Optimizer Datasheet

Entrega al instante imágenes con una resolución perfecta de píxeles y un ancho de banda eficiente

Fastly Media Shield Datasheet

Optimiza tu despliegue de múltiples CDN y reduce costes

Fastly Managed CDN Datasheet

Servicio de CDN personalizado y totalmente gestionado en tu red

WAF Datasheet

Protección en el nivel de la aplicación en todo momento y en todo el mundo

DDoS Mitigation Datasheet

Mitigación de DDoS potente y en tiempo real

Bot Detection Datasheet

Protege tu sitio web del ataque de bots maliciosos con Bot Defender de Fastly y PerimeterX

Online Video & Audio Datasheet

Acelera la entrega de medios para una mayor fidelización de tus usuarios

Support and Designated Technical Specialist Datasheet

Opciones de gestión técnica, de despliegue y de servicio adaptadas a tus necesidades

SaaS Datasheet

Acelera la prestación de tus servicios y ofrece una experiencia de usuario superior

Travel & Hospitality Datasheet

Ofrece una experiencia personalizada y precisa más allá de todas las fronteras

Ecommerce Datasheet

Aumenta las tasas de conversión con una experiencia más rápida y personalizada para el consumidor

Digital Publishing Datasheet

Incrementa la fidelización de los usuarios y dota a los editores de distribuciones de contenido en tiempo real más rápidas

Ecommerce Solutions Brief

Almacena en caché interfaces API de ecommerce en la nube para optimizar el rendimiento web y móvil

DDoS White Paper

Cómo elegir una CDN para la protección frente a DDoS


Respuestas a algunas de las preguntas frecuentes sobre el servicio de protección de Fastly contra DDoS.

DDOS Video

Más información sobre nuestros servicios de mitigación de DDoS para proteger tu negocio

Continuous Integration and Delivery Technical Brief

Cómo te facilita Fastly la adopción de una estrategia de desarrollo continuo

Continuous Integration and Delivery White Paper

Con tus prácticas de entrega de contenido e integración continuas, necesitas una CDN de nueva generación

Why Fastly

Descubre lo que hace único a Fastly

Unleashing the power of the Edge Cloud

Descubre por qué la edge cloud platform de Fastly es única en su género

Content Delivery Video

Descubre cómo la CDN de Fastly puede dinamizar tu negocio

Fastly Support

Descubre cómo Fastly ayuda a sus clientes a alcanzar el éxito

Fastly for Magento Datasheet

Dinamiza y protege tu tienda online con Fastly

Drupal Fact Sheet

Logra un mejor rendimiento web y ahorra en costes de infraestructuras.


Preguntas frecuentes sobre el WAF de Fastly

Fastly and Microsoft Azure

Trusted enterprise solutions, built at the network edge

Fastly and Google Cloud Platform Datasheet

Amplíe la potencia de la nube en el borde con Fastly y Google

High Profile Event Streaming Guide

The must-do guide for ensuring success before, during, and after your event.

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