Instant. Programmable. Global. Choose three.

Fastly Compute is the serverless platform that lets you easily build the best experiences for your users.

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Your users expect instant, personalized experiences.

You need instant to win. From content to commerce to community, all of the most addictive and engaging experiences rely on personalization. You need it - we have it.

Personalization at scale

You only have milliseconds to get their attention and legacy platforms force you to choose between personalization or performance. Fastly Compute does both, anywhere in the world.

The power of instant data and logic

Instantly pull data from the Fastly KV Store and merge that data intelligently with Fastly Fanout to send a perfectly timed, perfectly unique message to every single one of your users, all at once.

Get instant without a big migration

We've leveled the playing field so you can compete with the most advanced and modern experiences online without having to reinvent or rebuild your stack. Easily build your own "For you" style recommendations.

Why your team will love Fastly Compute

Fastly gives you the power of instant with services that work like the familiar tools you use today, but upgraded to respond in the blink of an eye.

Instantly deploy globally, with full control

You don’t have to think about things like regions or deployment locations unless you want to. And it’s all programmable. Control every part of the experience between you and your users completely in software.

Eliminate entire classes of bugs

As soon as you deploy your code it’s secure by design. We’ve been pioneering WebAssembly to provide protection against memory safety bugs, and keep every request isolated to contain any potential security risks.

Use the tools you already know

Developers love Fastly because we make it easy and safe for anyone to create using familiar tools and languages but without the risks. And we infuse that with the power of instant to unlock massive creativity.

Your instant super powers

Just imagine what you would build.

Instant data

Data storage that works like the KV stores you are familiar with, but performs better than anything you have ever seen.

Instant startup

With Wasmtime, your code starts in the blink of an eye.

Instant messaging

Push a personalized message to billions of users around the world with just a few lines of code added to your toolkit.

Instant Scale

Multi-terabit per second, globally distributed network to scale up and down dynamically and pay only when code is run.


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