Fastly is proud to be part of the MACH Alliance

Building better technology together

Our membership signifies our commitment to building the fastest, most flexible, and secure edge platform with our goal of bringing technical excellence to our community and embracing opportunities for partnership and innovation.

We are committed to maintaining a cooperative internet built on an easy-to-approach interoperable infrastructure and open protocols. Rather than confining developers to a single language, Fastly supports a wide and growing range of popular developer environments.

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Fastly’s architecture and tools is a perfect fit with MACH Principles

Fastly is committed to building and maintaining a cooperative Internet, built on interoperable infrastructure and open protocols. Following the encouragement of its customer base, Fastly joined the MACH Alliance to not only bring this technical excellence to the community but also embrace the opportunities for partnership and innovation.


Fastly is an integral part of a website or application's front end, enabling fast and efficient iteration to consistently improve the user experience. Additionally, it connects to, communicates with, and safeguards the backend infrastructure through various services such as caching, access control, zero trust, and WAF.


Fastly's platform provides protection to API traffic through our network edge. Additionally, our platform can be integrated seamlessly with existing tools


Fastly is a cloud-native service that operates entirely on its own edge platform to ensure that your applications run smoothly and without interruptions.


Unlike traditional CDNs that are oriented towards web-based architectures. Fastly is built ground-up for headless architectures. Our platform is constructed from numerous independent systems that are interconnected to facilitate a fast and robust build methodology.

Building best-of-breed technology

What is behind the MACH architecture

MACH is an industry tech standard that describes modern technology. The prerequisites for achieving this standard are Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless.

The MACH Alliance exists to protect MACH core principles and support buyers on standards, interoperability, and other important considerations when moving from legacy to a composable technology infrastructure.

Unleash Innovation

Building a better and safer Internet together

At our core, Fastly wants to enable a better, more trustworthy internet by empowering developers to bring to life their biggest dreams and iterate on those faster. To support those who share Fastly’s vision of an open internet that is fast and secure for all, we extend free services to eligible open-source projects and the nonprofits that support them.

Why composable commerce is important to River Island

"Being composable allows us to select the most suitable products where it matters. At River Island, we required a modern and high-performance CDN, a next-generation web application firewall, and a comprehensive edge computing solution. Fastly provided us with all of these, enabling us to offer our customers a better and more secure experience."

David Edwards

VP Technology

Building next-generation experiences on the Fastly platform

Fastly’s platform is designed to fully utilize the modern internet, to be programmable, and to support agile software development with unmatched visibility and minimal latency. It empowers developers to innovate with performance and security. Here are five ways our technology is a perfect fit with the MACH design principles:


Fastly's instantly scalable edge cloud platform offers a flexible infrastructure and service and aligns with the scalability requirements of other MACH Alliance members.


By leveraging Fastly's platform, MACH Alliance members and other online businesses can ensure fast and reliable worldwide delivery of content and applications, enhancing the overall user experience.


Fastly Next-Gen WAF Bot detection and our DDoS services provide best-of-breed protection and developer-first security across all APIs and endpoints regardless of where your applications reside.


The instant control and configurability made possible by the edge make it easy to dynamically manage content and applications, aligning with the flexibility principles of the MACH philosophy.


Fastly's adoption of WebAssembly as the foundation of our platform extends significant and easy-to-use customization tooling to customers and service partners alike.

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