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Fastly Altitude logo
Anna MacLachlan
Fastly Altitude logo
Rogier Mulhuijzen, Anna MacLachlan
September 13, 2016

At our second annual customer summit, Andrew Betts of the Financial Times discussed using VCL to “solve anything” — pushing his team’s problems to the CDN layer.

Dollar Shave Club logo
Anna MacLachlan
September 7, 2016

Often the main goal for marketing and advertising campaigns is to point visitors to your website, and it’s important you’re prepared for the success you’ll (hopefully) see. Hear how Fastly customer Dollar Shave Club launched a successful ad while maintaining site uptime and performance throughout, as well as best practices for making sure your major successes don’t bring you down.

Fastly security blog icon
Maarten Van Horenbeeck
August 25, 2016

We continuously work on making the edge more secure, and develop features you can leverage to protect your applications. However, in order for you to benefit from these investments, there are steps you should take at the crucial stage where traffic is handed off to the CDN. In this post, Director of Security Engineering Maarten Van Horenbeeck discusses how (and why) you can protect traffic on its way to the CDN.

Fastly Altitude logo
Tyler McMullen
August 24, 2016

In this post, Tyler McMullen will explore “the future of the edge,” or the next logical step in how we streamline online experiences. In order to keep up with the direction things are headed, we need to combine logic and data at the edge. Logic without data, without state, is insufficient.

Maarten Van Horenbeeck
August 12, 2016

Fastly has historically supported many open source projects. We’re happy to announce that Fastly now provides sponsored Content Delivery for the Tor Project. TorBrowser updates are served over the Fastly network, taking load off of the Tor Project's backend servers and speeding up downloads for end users.

Jose Nazario, PhD
August 12, 2016

Director of Security Research Jose Nazario describes our team’s vision for employing our CDN’s unique position to defend the modern web. Using the recent HTTPoxy vulnerability as an example, he outlines the benefits and challenges of this vision

Hooman Beheshti
August 11, 2016

Using a CDN for beacon termination at the edge has gotten a lot of attention, in part because edge termination for beacons is cool; but it’s mostly because beaconing applications are becoming more popular and they involve a lot of components, deployed at scale, to accommodate proper data collection.

Ethernet icon
Tom Daly
August 2, 2016

We’re pleased to announce Fastly’s first POP in the Middle East, located in Fujairah, UAE. Located just 100 miles east of Dubai, Fujairah (FJR) is home to a number of major submarine cable landings serving the Middle East and members states of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Zack Allen
July 28, 2016

In “Lean Threat Intelligence Part 2: The foundation,” we explained how we built our log management system, Graylog, using Chef. Next, we’ll cover how we created a message pipeline that allows us to route messages to different endpoints for analysis or enrichment.

Fastly control panel blog icon
Kimmie Nguyen
July 21, 2016

We know our customers need complete visibility into what’s happening with their applications; with Fastly, we strive to give you instant feedback at the edge, allowing you to innovate and iterate in real time. With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce the next generation of the Fastly control panel.

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