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Failing fast & fixing faster at Vogue

A tale of failure and recovery from Kenton Jacobsen, Director of Engineering at and

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Empowering OTT providers with multi-DRM & content preconditioning

In an ongoing effort to help you provide the best streaming experiences for your end users, we’re excited to announce two new features to our OTFP service. Multi-DRM support and content preconditioning enable over the top (OTT) video service providers to protect and efficiently monetize premium video content.

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Building the edge: 40 POPs & 15 Tbps of connected capacity

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a collection of new POPs to the Fastly global network. Since our last update, we’ve deployed additional US POPs in Chicago, Newark, Ashburn, and Los Angeles, plus a brand-new location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fastly’s global network now exceeds 15 Tbps of connected internet capacity, and we will continue to scale alongside our rapidly growing customer base.

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Introducing batch API for surrogate key purge

Surrogate keys give Fastly customers a unique way to efficiently purge content from cache — batch API for surrogate key purge allows you to purge content even more efficiently by purging multiple surrogate keys at once. Read on to learn how to best take advantage.

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Technical trainings & the future of edge delivery at Altitude SF 2017

Altitude SF 2017 featured hands-on trainings and talks from industry leaders like Reddit, the ACLU, Slack, TED, and more. We explored the future of edge delivery, heard about emerging trends in cloud infrastructure and DevOps, and tackled complex problems in cloud security. Read on for our recap of the event (plus slides, videos, and photos).

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How we moved our Historical Stats from MySQL to Bigtable with zero downtime

In an effort to move forward from early architecture that we were quickly outgrowing, we recently migrated our Historical Stats database from self-managed MySQL to Google Cloud Bigtable. Read on to learn how we did it (without any downtime).

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HashiCorp on recovering from failures

Altitude NYC featured war stories from Fastly customers like Vogue, Spotify, and HashiCorp. Read on for our recap of Seth Vargo’s talk, where he discussed how HashiCorp was able to quickly recover from an outage (which included an alarming “purge all” moment).

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Optimizing HTTP/2 server push with Fastly

Since we made HTTP/2 generally available in November 2016, h2 traffic has been steadily growing as more customers migrate to the new version of the protocol; since the beginning of 2017, h2 traffic has increased by over 400% and h2 requests now make up more than 25% of the total requests on Fastly’s network. HTTP/2 has numerous practical implications, but in this post we’ll focus on server push, which can save on round trip request time. Here’s how you can get the most out of server push with Fastly.

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How to bootstrap self-service continuous fuzzing

OSS-Fuzz is an innovative project that is both advancing the state of the art in OSS security engineering and immediately improving the overall quality of the software that serves the internet. In this blog post, I’ll describe how to use the open source components of google/oss-fuzz to bootstrap self-service continuous fuzzing for both private and public software using h2o, Fastly’s HTTP/2 proxy, as a running example.

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New York Media on surviving DDoS and building a better web

At Altitude 2016, New York Media’s CTO discussed surviving a massive DDoS and the steps they took to mitigate, gave us a peek inside their stack, and described how New York Media is building a better web, working towards creating a symbiotic relationship between readers, publishers, and advertisers to ensure great experiences for everyone.

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