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Fastly is thrilled to announce it has acquired Glitch, with plans to continue fostering one of the most beloved developer communities on the web today.


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August 4

Fastly’s Compute@Edge platform enables customers to build high scale, globally distributed applications and execute code at the edge using popular languages such as Rust and JavaScript. Now…

July 26

Latency — the lag between when the packet leaves the streaming source and when it arrives at the consumer’s device — takes many forms, with the most common being lag, dropped frames…

July 25

If your application is on the internet, chances are it has been subjected to nefarious automation. These events can include many different attacks – including content scraping, credential…

July 21

Our first OpenTelemetry library for Compute@Edge is now available, enabling your Compute@Edge application to generate spec-compliant traces, providing deeper insights about its performance…

July 20

TLS fingerprinting has become a prevalent tool to help security defenders identify what clients are talking to their server infrastructure.

July 19

There are many more well-documented reasons to make a CDN part of your distribution. In this blog post we examine some lesser-known rationales to help you scale and improve your business.

July 14

Recently Andrew Barba, the engineer behind Swift Cloud, released a highly performant and fully featured Swift SDK for our Compute@Edge platform. And he built the initial release in just four…

July 12

With zero tolerance for rebuffering and streams that scale from zero to massive in no time, the stakes are unusually high, making live sport the most demanding content type to deliver…

July 11

We're starting to get excited about OpenTelemetry, and want you to be able to observe your Fastly services just like you do with apps running in your core cloud provider — and see the…

July 7

We are excited to launch two new great visibility products into general availability - Origin and Domain Inspector! Observe origin performance or domain traffic with ease! Find out more in…

July 6

Major brands with strong web presences like The Guardian and Big Cartel rely on Image Optimizer to serve pixel-perfect images on the fly. Here are four reasons why you should try it out too.

June 30

Traditional web application firewalls (WAFs) were created to stop malicious traffic from reaching your origin servers, which served its purpose well during an internet age of HTML and PNGs.