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Fastly powers fast, secure, and scalable digital experiences.

Move beyond your content delivery network to our powerful edge cloud platform.

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We’re growing Fastly, differently.

Read about our recent strategic round. Today, Fastly serves content viewed by over 3 billion internet users around the globe every month. We’re building the future of edge computing, values-first.

Altitude San Francisco 2018

Explore the future of edge delivery, infrastructure, and enforcement, featuring hands-on training, keynotes, and breakout sessions from the experts. September 12-13.

Content delivery & image optimization

Improve experiences across web & mobile with our CDN, Image Optimizer, & DSA.

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Video & streaming

Ensure scalable, broadcast-quality video across all devices, anywhere.

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Cloud security

Secure your business at the edge with our WAF, DDoS mitigation, bot detection, & TLS encryption.

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Load balancing

Optimize traffic distribution and auto-scale your applications.

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Fastly’s edge cloud platform is built to scale on demand.

We add value to every request.

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