We're redefining content delivery.

Fastly's real-time CDN gives you total control over your content, unprecedented access to performance analytics, and the ability to instantly update content in 150 milliseconds.

Real-time Analytics from the Fastly Edge

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Cache “uncacheable” content

Our Edge Infrastructure Platform caches more content than any other CDN, drastically improving your site performance.

Accelerate mobile payments

Learn how Fastly helped payment platform Stripe reduce time to load checkout forms by over 80%.

Experience proactive support

We alert you to issues before they affect your business. Questions? Connect with a customer engineer.

"Fastly provided a solution that was really tailored to our needs. The ability to purge instantly is a huge priority."
Peter McArthur, VP of Backend Engineering
"A modern CDN like Fastly is a critical part of the toolkit for publishers. I can’t imagine how a media site would operate without one."
Kathleen Vignos, Director of Engineering
"The time to load the Checkout form on Stripe dropped 80% by rolling out Fastly."
Marc Hedlund, VP of Engineering
"With Fastly, updates are reflected on our site pages within milliseconds and we've seen a 20% improvement in time to first byte around the world."
Matthew O'Brien, Software Architect
"It’s fast, it’s high performance, it’s reliable, and has tremendous support. Fastly has nailed it across the board."
Charles Henrich, CTO