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Fastly Edge Cloud Platform

Ensure your websites, applications and services can effortlessly handle the demands of your users with Fastly. Fastly’s edge cloud platform is designed to be highly performant and secure while seamlessly scaling to support your growth.

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Our platform

Built to support modern digital experiences

Fastly sits between our customer’s end users and their origin - whether that’s in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid environment - and power online experiences that are fast, engaging and safe.

Our content delivery network (CDN) is designed to speed up and optimize the delivery of web and application traffic while ensuring developers and engineers don’t lose visibility or control. Whether customers are looking to move apps to the cloud or scale their DevOps practices, our network services provide the speed, security and engaging experiences that users demand.

Fastly Edge Cloud Platform

Give your digital experiences an edge

Our modern network gives you a competitive edge, whether you’re building on our platform or delivering the content your users want to consume: you get the speed and performance needed to stay ahead of competition.

Modern POP design

Fewer, more powerful POPs are strategically located near major cloud providers and peered with Internet Exchange Points around the world so you can deliver content as close to the user as possible and win against your competitors when it comes to user experience.


Our proprietary software-defined network with built-in routing and load balancing, make your web and mobile apps highly performant and responsive. We determine the optimal routing in real-time taking into account internet congestion or content type to ensure the best user experience.

Optimized modern protocols

Our network supports modern protocols like HTTP/3 and QUIC, providing a better digital experience for your end users by reducing web latency and delays.

Developer focused

Our award-winning developer portal provides developers with everything needed to build on Fastly. We make it easy to get started with access to starter kits, tutorials, demos, sample code, use case examples, and more covering multiple languages.

Real-time visibility

Whether you are looking for real time insights on traffic, system health, or suspicious activity, Fastly logging allows you to customize and visualize your data with our logging endpoint partners or with our in-house inspection capabilities.

Built-in security

Fastly’ unified platform secures your organization at the network layer, the application layer, and by giving your developers a secure-by-design compute environment to build in. Realize the benefits of a secure-by-design platform.

Explore Network Services

Deliver fast, personalized experiences globally

It’s time your CDN did more. If reliability, speed, and the freedom to customize delivery is critical for you, then Fastly’s CDN with real-time observability, programmatic control and baked-in security helps you deliver the dynamic experiences today’s users demand.

Content Delivery (CDN)

Fastly's cloud CDN (content delivery network) improves your customer experience by accelerating the delivery of dynamic content and caching your website's unpredictable and event-driven content.

Streaming Video

Fastly’s Streaming Media Delivery for Video on Demand supports just-in-time transmuxing to the most popular streaming formats for any resolution at any frame rate for superior video on demand performance.

Live Streaming

Fastly’s Live Media Streaming helps the world’s most popular digital businesses keep pace with their customer expectations by delivering fast, secure, and scalable live media streaming experiences.

Media Shield

Fastly’s Media Shield optimizes multi-CDN deployments while lowering costs by reducing traffic to origin while maintaining high performance.

On-the-Fly Packager

Fastly’s OTFP dynamically packages on-demand video content in real time and reduces storage costs and load times by eliminating offline video pre-processing tasks.

Image Optimization

Fastly's image optimizer can cut page load times, improve page speed, and deliver a better user experience for your digital business.

Load Balancer

Fastly's load balancing gives businesses real-time visibility into fast, secure, and scalable online experiences.

TLS Encryption

Fastly's TLS encryption allows you to terminate secure TLS connections at Fastly's network edge, offloading encrypted traffic from your web server for improved performance.

Origin Connect

Fastly’s Origin Connect allows you to have a dedicated private network interconnection between your origin server and Fastly.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Get dedicated IPs for your domain that aren’t shared or used by any other domains. Or you can supply your own IP that can be routed and served by Fastly with Subscriber Provided Prefix (also known as BYOIP).


HTTP/3 and QUIC is the modern version of HTTP, which web browsers use to communicate with web servers and send data back and forth. Web browsers, web servers and other critical pieces of web infrastructure are getting support with this new standard.


Fastly Fanout makes it easy to build and scale real time, streaming APIs. Push data instantly to browsers, mobile apps, servers, and other devices.

Explore Security

Modern web app and API security, anywhere

The true value of a security solution is in how effectively it can deliver on its promises without becoming a roadblock. This is why we designed our solutions on a resilient, modern platform that simplifies security for you through better usability, better flexibility, and better effectiveness.

Next-Gen WAF

Get advanced protection for your applications, APIs, and microservices, wherever they live, from a single unified solution.

Bot Management

Stop bots, not innovation. Our solution eliminates fraud and abuse from automated attacks so you can focus on delivering amazing customer experiences.

DDoS Mitigation

Protect your digital infrastructure with Fastly's high-bandwidth, global network. Our real-time DDoS mitigation safeguards performance without compromising protection.

Deliveroo switched to Fastly for a 7% improvement in global load time, translating to a 1% increase in site conversion.

“With the number and strategic placement of Fastly’s edge servers, we’ve really seen increased site speed as compared to our previous provider. Deliveroo is very JavaScript heavy, so any improvement in those page load times makes a huge difference for the end user.”

Martin Phee

Senior Software Engineer

Fastly helps Giphy secure their platform and make it more reliable.
Digital publishing

“With the Next-Gen WAF, once we turn it on it starts blocking things immediately, right there at the edge. It's identifying all these malicious actors and they’re not making their way to our code at all. It's all being blocked right there at the edge. It's been shockingly easy to use, too.”

Brian Benns

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Learn how Fastly helps Bell Media deliver a consistently excellent user experience for live video
Streaming Media

"We found some under-performant code in our backend service, and we were able to leverage Fastly to move that code to the Fastly Edge and expedite delivery of video content to customers. We hope to leverage more of that ability to move code into Fastly, whether it be through the VCL or Compute, to reduce traffic to our origins."

Adrian Loree

Media Technology Analyst

Explore Compute

Faster, simpler, and more secure serverless code

Fastly’s serverless compute environment takes advantage of all the performance and security benefits of WebAssembly. It’s designed to address the requirements of modern application development by empowering our customers to run code in a safe, microsecond execution environment, at scale, on the edge.

Edge Compute

Take your apps to the edge — our instant platform helps you build amazing experiences for your users

Key Value Store

The fastest key value store you can get, but as easy to use as your familiar database tools


Real-time messaging, at global scale, with complete personalization and easy setup

Developer SDKs

Program the same services we use to build Fastly products

Enterprise Serverless

The most powerful serverless platform, built on open standards and integrated with Fastly's full suite of products


Accelerate your ChatGPT applications and improve efficacy with semantic caching

Explore Observability

Analyze 100% of your data in real-time

Whether you are looking for real time insights on traffic, system health, or suspicious activity, Fastly logging allows you to customize and visualize your data with our logging endpoint partners or with our in-house inspection capabilities.

Fastly Logging

Fastly’s Logging gives you real-time insights on traffic, system health or suspicious activity.

Fastly Metrics

Fastly’s end-to-end visibility allows for a 360 degree view of your customer behavior and network performance metrics. Access more of your data faster with Fastly.

Fastly Domain Inspector

Keep track of every domain request, byte, and status code for your domain and glean valuable insights for your business with Fastly’s DNS Inspection Tool - Domain Inspector.

Fastly Origin Inspector

Discover real-time and historical origin visibility and gather granular origin metrics as performance indicators, reducing complexity and helping you make data driven actions.

Our network map

A more powerful global network

We built our network with intention. By design, we run fewer POPs than our competitors, but they’re much more powerful so we can cache more and serve it faster. Our network is fully software defined. We can do anything, and do it faster.

  • On average
    150 ms
    Mean purge time
  • Global network
    336 Tbps
    Edge capacity
  • Developer Hub
    Code examples
  • Over
    App deployments protected
  • Nearly
    Real-time logs sent to your CLI

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