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Fueling the future of the web.

Expectations for websites and apps are at an all-time high. If they aren’t fast, secure, and highly personalized, users take their business elsewhere. That’s where Fastly comes in. Our platform enables you to deliver modern online experiences — all optimized for speed, security, and scale. Together, we’re building the future of the web.

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lines of edge code written (and counting)


meaning, a very happy community




images optimized and delivered


log lines delivered


lines of edge code written (and counting)


meaning, a very happy community

* NPS score covering 2H’18. NPS scores above 50 are considered excellent.

Built by developers.
Driven by values.

There’s so much more to Fastly than technology. At the heart of our work, we aim to improve human lives — and from the beginning, we’ve grown with a deliberate focus on transparency, integrity, and inclusion.

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Endless spirit of service

We value our customers — which is why we respect privacy, and don’t exploit customer data or end user data. And our team is available to help along the way via our support center.

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Power to open source

Our platform helps businesses across industries scale faster and more securely, and we’re proud to offer free services for open-source and nonprofit projects.

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Where innovation thrives

From the start, we’ve moved data and applications closer to the end user — at the edge of the network — to improve apps and websites. Today, we’re continuing to set the industry standard and innovate at the edge.

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The 8 values that make us who we are.

What we're about, how we grow, and what guides every aspect of our work.

We have a curious spirit.

We focus on our customer.

We are trustworthy.

We act with passion.

We operate with integrity.

We are competitive without arrogance.

We embrace transparency.

We are good people.

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Drive the web forward.

To build a better internet, you need the right people behind it. We’re growing a kind, ethical, and inclusive team — one that champions good people and great ideas.

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Moments from around the office, including teams working, whiteboarding, and a beloved office pup or two.

Embracing diversity and inclusion

We proactively seek out diversity in our workforce. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it also boosts our creative thinking, guides our decisions, and increases the value we bring to customers.

World’s best team members

Our team comes with global experience and expertise: from innovators in engineering, to leaders in sales, marketing, and other functions, our people drive our business. We encourage Fastlyans to be themselves and bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Integrity, from staff to customer

Not only does our staff share a common set of values, but we choose to work with customers that we believe embrace integrity, transparency, and trustworthiness.

Around-the-world offices.
And network capabilities.

Our tech and teams extend around the world. We operate six offices globally, and our remote-friendly culture supports skilled professionals distributed across 15 countries. With more powerful, more strategically located points of presence (POPs), our platform helps you deliver a modern, fast experience — no matter where your business or users call home.

Empowered developers empower business.

Get started, and deliver the best online experiences possible.

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