Where developers dream bigger

Developers change the way the world experiences the web: they drive the next groundbreaking innovation, power the companies that connect us, and create experiences that can transform our lives. And we built Fastly to make sure they always have what they need to make it happen.

Our powerful edge cloud network empowers developers to run, secure, and deliver websites and applications — as close to the users as possible, to create unforgettable experiences at global scale.

Built by developers. Driven by values.

There’s so much more to Fastly than technology. At the heart of our work, we aim to improve human lives — and from the beginning, we’ve grown with a deliberate focus on transparency, integrity, and inclusion. This is outlined in our Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Endless spirit of services

We value our customers — which is why we respect privacy, and don’t exploit customer data or end user data. And our team is available to help along the way via our support center.

Power to open source

Our platform helps businesses across industries scale faster and more securely, and we’re proud to offer free services for open-source and nonprofit projects.

Where innovation thrives

From the start, we’ve moved data and applications closer to the end user — at the edge of the network — to improve apps and websites. Today, we’re continuing to set the industry standard and innovate at the edge.

Leading as One Fastly

Our leadership team has a vision where the internet is fast, safe, and engaging for everyone all over the world.

  • Todd Nightingale

    Todd Nightingale

    Chief Executive Office and Director

  • Peter Alexander

    Peter Alexander

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Artur Bergman

    Artur Bergman

    Chief Technology Officer and Director

  • Kip Compton

    Kip Compton

    Chief Product Officer

  • Karen Greenstein

    Karen Greenstein

    General Counsel

  • Puja Jaspal

    Puja Jaspal

    Chief People Officer

  • Ron Kisling

    Ron Kisling

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Kim Ogletree

    Kim Ogletree

    Chief Customer Officer

  • Nick Rockwell

    Nick Rockwell

    EVP, Strategy and Operations

  • Alyson Stamos

    Alyson Stamos

    VP, Executive and Employee Communications

  • Laura Thomson

    Laura Thomson

    SVP, Engineering

  • Artur Bergman

    Artur Bergman

    Chief Technology Officer and Director

  • David Hornik

    David Hornik

    Chairperson of the Board of Directors

  • Aida Álvarez

    Aida Álvarez


  • Todd Nightingale

    Todd Nightingale

    Chief Executive Office and Director

  • Chris Paisley

    Chris Paisley


  • Paula Loop

    Paula Loop


  • Charles Meyers

    Charles Meyers


  • Vanessa Smith

    Vanessa Smith


  • Richard Daniels

    Richard Daniels


These are the values that guide us

Have a curious spirit

Focus on our customer

We are trustworthy

Act with passion

Operate with integrity

We are competitive

Embrace transparency

We are good people


Join us to drive the web forward

To build a better internet, you need the right people behind it. We’re growing a kind, ethical, and inclusive team - one that champions good people and great ideas.

Two Fastly employees smiling with their arms around each other
Our network map

A more powerful global network

We built our network with intention. By design, we run fewer POPs than our competitors, but they’re much more powerful so we can cache more and serve it faster. Our network is fully software defined. We can do anything, and do it faster.

  • On average
    150 ms
    Purge time
  • More than
    1.8 trillion
    Daily requests served
  • Almost
    Of customers run Next-Gen WAF in blocking mode
  • Global
    336 Tbps
    Edge network capacity
  • 1
    as of December 31, 2022
  • 2
    as of July 31, 2023
  • 3
    as of March 2023
  • 4
    as of March 31, 2024