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Fastly’s Managed CDN provides maximum control and flexibility. We deploy our edge cloud network on dedicated POPs within your private network at locations of your choosing. Our service can be used exclusively, or as part of a hybrid, multi-CDN strategy.
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High performance & predictability

Our Managed CDN extends Fastly’s industry-leading services to your private network, eliminating storage space constraints and improving web and mobile performance. You get complete control over what content stays in cache and for how long, commonly resulting in cache hit ratios of over 99%. Fastly’s Managed CDN also provides greater origin traffic predictability, since your data is stored on dedicated servers optimally sized and maintained for your needs.

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Our Managed CDN becomes part of your network infrastructure while providing maximum flexibility. We work closely with you to select the POP locations and capacities that best fit your traffic needs, and can even design your private network to comply with country-specific laws governing the location of stored data. If you wish to own the hardware, we’ll work with your vendor to obtain equipment that meets our specifications for a service-only option.

In addition to core delivery, you can also take advantage of other Fastly edge cloud services on your Managed CDN, including image optimization, video OTFP, and load balancing

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Added security

Managed CDN customers don’t share POP capacity with other Fastly customers. You have maximum privacy and full control over your machines and who can access them. Since we reside on your network, our Managed CDN also benefits from your existing security measures and policies.

We implement the highest standard of TLS encryption across your website. TLS connections (including HTTP/2 and IPv6) are terminated at your edge POPs, further reducing origin load. You can maintain control over your own TLS certificates, or we can provide them for you.

Fully managed service

As a Fastly Managed CDN customer, our experts become an extension of your team, designing and supporting a network unique to your business needs. We frequently review changes in your applications, traffic, and users, and fine tune your Managed CDN service to optimize for these changes. Fastly Customer Support Engineers are always on standby, available to answer questions and resolve problems quickly. Through our Enterprise Support Plan we provide 24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, and incident response including business hour access to a Slack channel.

Cost effective

Our “as-a-service” model uses a flat monthly rate, based on desired POP capacity without transactional costs or TLS premiums. We also allow you to leverage existing transit / peering relationships to save on costs rather than sending bandwidth over public connections. Additional cost savings can be realized from reduced load on your origin servers due to improved cache hit ratios. This enables you to serve peak traffic while scaling back costly servers or virtual instances.

Fastly Managed CDN

A custom, fully managed CDN solution on your network

Fastly Announces Managed CDN

An industry-first offering to meet the needs of traffic-heavy businesses