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Fastly's Compute@Edge and Fanout brings blazing-fast speed to Dansons’ Pit Boss Grills Connect app, driving down response time with a serverless compute environment.
Paramount Global
Fastly partners with Paramount Global in its quest for innovation across multiple world-class streaming products.
Revolutionizing the user experience of content sites on mobile devices
CommonBond deployed Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF in their Kubernetes environment. The solution has proven to be both effective and extremely easy to manage.
Winning Group
Winning Group is a growing appliance retailer based in Australia with half a dozen web properties operating under its name.
DoorDash is a last-mile logistics platform that connects customers with their favorite local and national businesses in more than 1,200 cities across the United States and Canada.
Bambora has joined forces with Worldline to bring the best payment services to a new home under one brand.
Fastly helped the Movember Foundation shift from a rigid traditional WAF deployment to a seamless and secure web application protection solution in order to keep up with its rapidly scaling cloud infrastructure.
Finn AI builds AI-Powered virtual assistance for banks and credit unions to improve their digital customer experience.
Chef is the automation software to achieve secure, continuous delivery of critical applications and infrastructure.
Duo Case Study
Duo chose Fastly for our ability to provide immediate security visibility and blocking with an architecture that operations was confident would scale without impacting performance.
Namely chose to partner with Fastly as a component within their security architecture due to better usability for security operation tasks, technical alignment with deployment updates and maintenance—all at a lower total cost of ownership.
LeanTaaS relies on Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF to detect and block known-bad threats as well as provide deep visibility across all their web services.
With Fastly, Prezi’s security team was able to empower their developers to react faster under any scenario.
Sauce Labs
Sauce Labs immediately gained intelligent blocking of web threats from Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF and used the visibility to identify unique application abuse, which they thwarted using customizable rules.
One Medical
One Medical’s security and engineering teams chose Fastly over competitors due to greater confidence in our security capabilities.
Cybrary was searching for a modern, feature-rich WAF solution that can be easily configured, block attacks, natively work within Kubernetes containers, and provide real-time alerting without incurring heavy maintenance investment.
With Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF in place, the security team is able to instrument and defend their web applications and APIs with a solution that doesn’t create false positives or block their customers’ traffic.
Chick-fil-A chose Fastly for both the ability to provide extensive context for web request blocking decisions and being easy to deploy.
With Fastly’s rate limiting features, BloomNation easily identifies malicious traffic and stops it from hitting their servers while reducing resource utilization and improving customer experience.
Once Fastly CDN was in place, an elegant security solution was next on Magnolia’s wish-list. Supporting customers in the finance and banking sectors meant security had always been a platform focus, but including a WAF would differentiate the PaaS package even more powerfully.
Gannett USA Today Network
Gannett | USA TODAY Network is the country's largest local-to-national digital media organization, including Gannett | USA TODAY Network, its flagship brand, and more than 200 local news outlets in 43 states.
Bell Media
Managing traffic spikes with Fastly helped Bell Media expand its customer base while improving time to first byte (TTFB) and giving developers more control.
Spread Group
With the Fastly CDN solution already working smoothly, Spread Group looked at the Fastly Next-Gen WAF as flexible security that could fit its ever-evolving platform like a glove.'s customers count on its ZeroOps platform to work seamlessly, keeping infrastructure out of sight and out of mind. The company relies on Fastly's CDN and Next-Gen WAF in the same way.
The Weather Company
The Weather Company forecasts accurate, reliable weather to 400 million monthly active users by partnering with Fastly
New Relic - Video
Watch how Fastly’s high-level data availability, scalability and performance ensures New Relic delights customers around the world.
From its Bordeaux base, brings quick, secure & high-quality video delivery to the world. With end-to-end video as a service, clients build engaging experiences that delight customers.
SeenThis first approached Fastly for a performance-focused CDN. But a complementary challenge soon emerged: evidencing superior sustainability credentials to increasingly ESG-focused clients.
Storytel (cache lightning)
A well-thought-out caching strategy was crucial when Storytel developed a new homepage – the main web gateway to let customers step swiftly into stories wherever, whenever.
Loveholidays video
Watch as David Annez, Head of Engineering at loveholidays tells how this online travel agency continuously create fast, scalable user experiences at the edge using Fastly.
Fastly provides reliability, availability and cost savings for GIPHY, with content delivery and its Next-Gen WAF
Pronovias Group
Pronovias adopted Fastly's Next-Gen WAF, since its rate limiting capabilities and filter improvements made it possible to greatly reduce unwanted traffic without degrading the performance of the different sites.
Slate came to Fastly after discovering that their legacy CDN lacked the agility to purge content and complete updates at the speed of their business.
Swedish-based audiobooks and ebooks subscription app Storytel has expanded from its core Nordics market to bring 2 million+ global subscribers ‘thousands of stories for wherever, whenever’.
As the largest platform for content recommendation, audience acquisition, and native advertising, Taboola provides those moments of next.
Trade Me is New Zealand’s favorite online marketplace and classifieds site. The success of such a large, busy, and image-heavy eCommerce site relies on optimizing customer journeys at a fast pace.
How Litium enables and accelerates business growth for itself and its ecommerce customers
Microservices and API Security for OFX’s International Wire Transfer Business
To enhance the Maritz’ security posture in support of PCI DSS requirement 6.6, the team implemented a web application firewall as an additional layer of security to the Maritz-hosted PCI environment.
AXON’s security and development teams created a way for agencies to safely transfer digital evidence, including body cam video, dash cam footage, and other evidence data from the sources in the field to the central management solution.
LaunchDarkly Compute@Edge
Learn how using Compute@Edge, LaunchDarkly reduced latency for SDK rollouts from hundreds of milliseconds to 25 or less.
Betterment needed a solution to help protect customer PII and financial assets that could automatically scale and block attacks, without requiring ongoing signature tuning or impacting performance.
Network 10
Learn how Network 10 delivered a first class streaming experience for the Network Ten's Melbourne Cup thanks to the Fastly edge cloud network.
Learn how Shoptimize improved their scalability and performance with Fastly's Edge Cloud Platform and Next-Gen WAF.
Learn how Fastly’s Compute@Edge helped Edgemesh deliver huge gains in performance metrics, and boosted their ecommerce customers’ conversion rates.
Find out how Brandfolder took digital asset management to the edge with Fastly for real-time, automatic image conversion and reduced hosting/storage costs by over 50%.
Mediaset España
Conoce cómo Mediaset España es capaz de ofrecer vídeo bajo demanda a sus usuarios y suscriptores en todo tipo de plataformas gracias a la adaptabilidad de la solución conjunta de Fastly y Azure.
Learn how adopting Fastly simplified the way Blackpepper runs front end code, all while giving them greater visibility than before.
Learn how Skillsoft was able to seamlessly scale video by 400% with Fastly.
JW Player
Learn how JW Player absorbs a 900% increase in requests per second with Fastly's edge cloud network and Media Shield.
Learn how Linktree’s move to Fastly’s edge cloud network and next-gen WAF empowered them to boost uptime to 99.999%, have more traffic at the edge, and deliver profiles reliably with low latency globally.
Learn how Fastly’s digital publishing capabilities are key to Nine’s time-sensitive media delivery to over 12 million readers across its mastheads and digital platforms.
Learn how the leading file management provider has scaled their data processing and security by growing with Fastly’s edge cloud network, TLS management, and Compute@Edge.
Learn how Superology used Fastly’s CDN Edge Cloud network to speed up mobile applications by pushing content closer to its users.
DeNA is a Japanese corporation that focuses on digital portals, mobile games, and e-commerce platforms.
Learn how Mercari addressed the increased workload of an on-premises email beacon system by migrating to edge computing.
MadeiraMadeira is an online marketplace specialising in home products and furniture.
Learn how Split’s industry-leading split testing and experimentation platform grew with Fastly by providing an instant kill switch and instant control over configuration.
RealtyNinja uses Fastly to scale their image serving architecture by 10x as they automatically update real estate listings across 1,000+ realtor sites and deliver 80+ million high-quality images each month.
Learn how the UK’s fastest growing travel brand boosted their conversion rate with a full infrastructure migration to Fastly.
See how Yottaa uses Fastly to optimize ecommerce site performance for online retailers.
See how LaunchDarkly uses Fastly to cache 6 trillion feature flags daily, closer to the end users, for fast configuration changes to apps that their customers deploy, giving them scalable control in real-time.
See how Hoodoo Digital integrates Fastly into a range of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solutions to help clients improve brand experiences.
Dunelm switched to Fastly to increase speed for their shoppers across web and mobile storefronts, enhance security, deliver site updates faster at scale, and augment an infrastructure-as-code strategy
How tech company RVU leverages Fastly’s edge cloud network to build a layer of consistency across the back end of its market comparison sites and apps.
Atresmedia is one of the leading communication groups in Spain, through its various lines of business — cable and digital television, radio, film, internet, and advertising.
Fastly provides Wayfair consistent performance, minimal latency, and responsive support.
Learn how Fastly helps Jimdo create websites that can serve images quickly, leading to increased speed, conversions, and sales for Jimdo creators.
How Gannett uses Fastly to deliver and secure the fastest-loading news site in the U.S.
La Redoute
Here’s how Fastly helped La Redoute usher in digital transformation, keep up with the ever-changing visual nature of retail, and scale with mobile-first audiences to become one of the top 10 ecommerce sites in France.
Here’s how Fastly’s edge cloud network helps wikiHow meet growing user expectations by providing the most up-to-date articles in real time.
Sports-first streaming TV service fuboTV relies on Fastly’s edge cloud network to help deliver 100k concurrent global live streams, accelerate APIs, & facilitate continuous deployment while saving $15,000/month.
Learn how on-demand delivery service Deliveroo switched to Fastly for a 7% improvement in global load time (and in some areas as much as 50%), translating to a 1% increase in site conversion.
Fastly helped the largest open source Java repository, critical infrastructure for the world’s software development efforts, provide a reliable experience for more than 10 million users worldwide while more than doubling total monthly releases, tripling bandwidth and quadrupling total request traffic.
Learn why Yelp trusts Fastly’s edge cloud network to provide delightful, secure, and scalable experiences for its millions of users.
Wenner Media
Wenner Media, the publisher of Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal, switched to Fastly for improved site resilience, instant editorial updates during major news events, and 75% savings in overall operations costs.
See how Ticketmaster modernized their tech stack with Fastly for performance improvements and major cost savings
Learn how Fastly has helped Stripe reduce the time to load their checkout forms by over 80% while offering a secure solution during high-demand events.
Learn how the world's premier audio recognition technology uses Fastly to accelerate their mobile app for 100M users who "Shazam" over 20M times daily.
Learn how Fastly helped Opera Software improve download times for its 350 million global users, increasing conversion for browser downloads significantly.
Lonely Planet
See how Lonely Planet improved page load times and decreased requests to origin 350% through more intelligent caching with Fastly.
Learn why GitHub considers Fastly a huge part of their toolkit for writing high performance, high scale web apps.
See how Fastly helped Foursquare accelerate their API to improve performance for their popular mobile apps.
Boots UK
Learn how Fastly helps health and beauty ecommerce retailer Boots UK tailor content to global and mobile users while protecting against 100% spikes in holiday traffic.
Learn how Fastly played a major part in’s redesign, speeding up page load times and allowing them to make real-time configuration changes.
Learn how digital music and radio services platform 7digital uses Fastly to deliver the latest music instantly across its global user base.
Learn how luxury ecommerce site 1stdibs thwarts DDoS attacks while scaling their online marketplace.
Learn how social shopping site Wanelo improved mobile performance and cut response times while scaling 1000% in users.
Learn how online image hosting service Imgur uses Fastly to serve nearly 2 billion images, including 1.5 million new images, every day.
New Relic
Learn how Fastly matches software analytics company New Relic’s workflow and values, helping them deploy the latest versions of their software instantly and lowering CPU usage by over 50%.
Drupal Association
Learn why the Drupal Association migrated 100% of their traffic to Fastly, reducing page load times in preparation for the worldwide release of Drupal 8.
The Guardian
Discover why the Guardian, the world's third largest news site, considers Fastly's Instant Purge capabilities to be crucial for real-time journalism.
Business Insider
Learn why the largest business news site on the web trusts Fastly to help fuel its global growth, delivering the latest business news to 40 million monthly visitors.