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Stuff streamlines security by replatforming with Fastly resulting in a 98% cache offload efficiency
PPG trades up to Fastly's Next-Gen WAF for usability, visibility, and reliable blocking
Flagsmith rocks real-time updates with Fastly’s secret fix.
Python Software Foundation
Python Software Foundation’s open source developers enjoy fast, reliable support with PyPI and Fastly
Stellate’s Edge Platform for GraphQL API is 2x Faster Powered by Fastly
THG gains instantaneous delivery, developer control, and ups traffic by 30% with Fastly
Anchor builds an effortless X.509 certificate service with Fastly KV Store
Squarespace launches entrepreneurs with fast, personalized experiences powered by Fastly
Life Time
Life Time delivers exceptional membership experiences with Fastly Edge Cloud Platform
Le Monde
Le Monde blocks attacks, improves TTFB with Fastly
ITVX handles record-breaking FIFA World Cup viewership flawlessly with Fastly
Brad's Deals
Brad’s Deals moves to the edge and slashes time-to-load with Fastly Compute
Duolingo eliminates security gaps with Fastly Response Security Services
TF1 delivers seamless Rugby World Cup experience thanks to Fastly
Strawberry's future-proof website loads 40% faster with Fastly, enhancing user experience
GitGuardian secures applications with Fastly Next-Gen WAF eliminating false positives
Nine Entertainment
Nine fortifies web app security with Fastly Managed Security Service; ensures peace of mind for Australian Open
Dansons grills up success with Fastly, achieving 7X faster data transfer
Paramount Global
Paramount Global boosts performance and innovation with Fastly
Marfeel reduces load times with Fastly CDN, improving user experience on mobile devices
CommonBond fortifies security effortlessly with Fastly Next-Gen WAF in Kubernetes environment
Winning Group
Winning Group enhances web performance and reduces incident response time with Fastly Next-Gen WAF
DoorDash switches to Fastly Next-Gen WAF for superior detection and blocking capabilities
Bambora taps Fastly for real time protection against credential stuffing
Movember Foundation scales web protection rapidly with Fastly Next-Gen WAF
FinnAI safeguards business-critical APIs with Fastly
Chef boosts DevOps security with Fastly Next-Gen WAF
Duo Case Study
Duo chooses Fastly for fast, accurate detection and zero false positives
Namely improves web defense with Fastly: rapid incident response and cost-efective security
LeanTaas relies on Fastly to block threats and provide visibility across their web services
Prezi empowers their developers and enhances web security with Fastly Next-Gen WAF
Sauce Labs
Sauce Labs secures web apps across hybrid cloud with Fastly Next-Gen WAF
One Medical
One Medical relies on Fastly to deliver secure, high-quality healthcare via the cloud
Cybrary acheives real-time visibility and modernization with Fastly Next-Gen WAF
Remitly safeguards transactions worldwide with Fastly, achieving PCI compliance and defense against emerging threats
Chick-fil-A protects digital transformation assets with Fastly Next-Gen WAF, ensuring customer satisfaction and growth
BloomNation safeguards website against malicious attacks and reduces resource costs with Fastly
Magnolia differentiates PaaS package with Fastly Next-Gen WAF, supporting customers in finance and banking sectors
Gannett USA Today Network
Gannett & USA Today improves response times by 25% with Fastly, supporting news-driven traffic spikes & reducing costs
Bell Media
Bell Media ensures the resiliency of its streaming service and expands its customer base by relying on Fastly
Spread Group
Spread Group protect its assets and maintains exceptional performance with Fastly ensures 99.99% uptime with Fastly, reducing infrastructure cost and deliverying customer satisfaction worldwide
The Weather Company
The Weather Company relies on Fastly for resilient technology and continuous innovation, delivering time critical weather news for 400M monthly users
New Relic - Video
Watch how Fastly’s high-level data availability, scalability and performance ensures New Relic delights customers around the world. reduces delivery costs by 30% with Fastly, achieving superior live stream performance
SeenThis supercharges performance while reducing data waste with Fastly, sending 40% less data than conventional AdTech methods
Storytel (cache lightning)
Storytel improves cache hit to milliseconds with Fastly, achieving a 100x faster load time
Loveholidays video
Loveholidays achieves18% faster time to first byte with Fastly, enhancing end user experience
GIPHY cuts costs and boosts performance while serving billions of images daily with Fastly
Pronovias Group
Pronovias mitigates unwanted traffic using Fastly Next-Gen WAF's rate limiting
Slate's move to Fastly trims purge time to seconds, spurs rapid customer expansion
Storytel expands to 2M+ global subscribers with Fastly's powerful, reliable CDN
Taboola's Fastly implementation unlocks real-time metrics, bolstering performance and uptime
Trade Me enhances security and optimizes customer journey with Fastly
Litium accelerates business growth with Fstly's modern CDN and cloud-native solutions
OFX safeguards $22B web transfers with Fastly Next-Gen WAF, blocking malicious traffic
Maritz expands protection with Fastly Next-Gen WAF across 90% of web applications
AXON Fortifies Digital Evidence Security with Signal Sciences' Next-Gen WAF with Fastly
LaunchDarkly Compute
LaunchDarkly enhances global performance using Fastly edge cloud platform
Betterment protects financial assets for 380K users with Fastly Next-Gen WAF
Network 10
Network 10 delivers first class streaming experience for the Melbourne Cup thanks to Fastly edge cloud platform
Shoptimize improves security, scalability and performance with Fastly edge cloud platform
Edgemesh accelerates with Fastly, amplifying customer conversion rates
Brandfolder leverages Fastly for image conversion, cuts storage costs by 50%
Mediaset España
Mediaset España reduces latency and optimizes costs with Fastly Compute
Blackpepper safely manages 2.5B monthly image and video requests, accelerating website performance with Fastly
Skillsoft uses Fastly to seamlessly scale real-time video delivery by 400%
JW Player
JW Player handles 900% spike in web requests while preserving site peformance thanks to Fastly
LinkTree securely scales to support 4 million monthly users with Fastly Next Gen WAF
Nine refreshes media in milliseconds as peak media drives 50%+ subscriber boost with Fastly
Filestack partners with Fastly to scale its rapidly growing file management system and enhance security
Superology achieves 98% hit rate in sports data delivery with Fastly, elevating user experience
DeNA boosts performance and security with Fastly Next-Gen WAF deployment
Mercari advances to serverless with Fastly Compute, driving operational efficiency
MadeiraMadeira boosts conversion by 20% with Fastly
Split scales 1000x with Fastly to deliver trillions of feature flags and experiments each month
RealtyNinja’s image serving architecture grows 10x with Fastly, optimizing 80+ million images
LoveHolidays reduces time-to-first-byte by 80%, from 100 milliseconds to 20 milliseconds with Fastly
Yottaa optimizes e-commerce site performance with 450ms faster page Loads thanks to Fastly
LaunchDarkly increases update speeds by 90% with Fastly
Hoodoo leverages Fastly for elevated brand experiences in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solutions
Dunelm switches to Fastly for improved shopper experience across web and mobile storefronts
RVU adopts Fastly edge cloud platform for consistent performance
Atresmedia achieves zero latency, maximum control, and 60% cost savings with Fastly
Wayfair counts on Fastly for exceptional customer experience delivery
Jimdo scales infrastructure, boosts page optimization, and delivers exceptional user experience with Fastly
How Gannett uses Fastly to deliver and secure the fastest-loading news site in the U.S.
La Redoute
La Redoute accelerates digital transformation, scales for mobile-first audiences with Fastly, achieving top 10 ecommerce position in France
wikiHow provides 150 million users with real-time articles and unmatched reliability with Fastly
fuboTV leverages Fastly edge cloud platform for 100K live streams, accelerated APIs and cost savings
Big Cartel
Big Cartel secures, speeds and reliable serves 1M artists with Fastly
Deliveroo switched to Fastly for 50% improvement in speed and enhanced customer conversions
Sonatype doubles releases, triples dandwidth, and quadruples traffic for 10+ million users worldwide with Fastly
Yelp relies on Fastly edge cloud platform to provide delightful, secure and scaleble experiences for millions of users
Wenner Media
Wener Media switches to Fastly for improved site resilience and instant editorial updates during major news events, saving 75% in overall operations costs
Ticketmaster modernizes tech stack with Fastly, achieving performance improvements at half the cost of legacy CDN
Stripe reduces load time for checkout forms by 80% and offers secure experience to customers during high-demand events with Fastly
Shazam uses Fastly to accelerate mobile app for 100M users
Opera relies on Fastly to improve download times for its 350 million global users, increasing conversions significantly
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet enhances user experience with faster load times and 350% fewer origin requests via Fastly
GitHub accelerates performance, security and global scaling with Fastly
Foursquare switches to Fastly, sees immediate API performance gains in mobile app
Boots UK
Boots UK optimizes global content, safeguards against holiday traffic surges with Fastly
Wired elevates redesign with Fastly, enabling real-time updates, faster load times and enhanced reader engagement
7digital delivers the latest music instantly across its global user base with Fastly
1stdibs thwarts DDoS attacks while scaling their online marketplace with Fastly
Wanelo boosts mobile performance, slashes response times scaling 1000% with Fastly
Imgur uses Fastly to serve 2 billion images seamlessly
New Relic
New Relic turns to Fastly for intuitive API, agile engineering process, and a powerful set of tools that match their workflow and values
Drupal Association
Drupal Association migrates 100% of traffic to Fastly, optimizing performance for websites worldwide
The Guardian
The Guardian relies on Fastly for real time reporting and site performance
Business Insider
Business Insider relies on Fastly for global reach to 40M monthly readers

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