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Fastly partner programs

Become a Fastly partner and empower your customers to deliver fast, secure and scalable online experiences. We offer a range of partnerships tailored to suit your needs.

Featured partners

Channel Partnerships

Extend the power of Fastly’s edge cloud platform to your customers. From industry leading content delivery, to video, load balancing and cloud security services, Fastly can help accelerate your customers digital experiences. Become a Reseller Partner and sell Fastly directly to your customers, or simply refer interested customers to us via our Referral Partner program.


  • Designed for DMR, VAR or major cloud platform providers
  • Maintain direct relationship with your customers
  • Easily onboard Sales and Support teams with on-site partner training
  • Multi-tenant billing and 24/7 support


  • Designed for IT sourcers and related agencies
  • Earn commission for referring business to Fastly
  • Fastly handles onboarding, account management and ongoing support

Technology Partnerships

Integrate with Fastly’s edge cloud platform and extend your offering to our customers. Fastly offers Integration and Solution partnerships depending on the level of technical investment you wish to make.


  • Partner with Fastly to jointly develop a new product offering
  • Embed or extend Fastly into your platform
  • Make Fastly part of your stack with high configurability and full transparency


  • Designed for IasS, SaaS, PaaS and other software platforms
  • Build an integration or extension of your application into Fastly
  • Enhance your offering and add versatility to your solution


Let one of our Partner Specialists help you determine the right type of partnership for your needs.

Channel Partnerships - Reseller
Channel Partnerships - Referral
Technology Partnerships - Integration
Technology Partnerships - Solution
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