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Edge Cloud Strategy Report: SaaS

Explore the challenges facing SaaS organizations today and learn how to regain control and deploy at the edge with flexibility.

Delivering advanced protection compared to Akamai

See why Fastly’s web app and API protection outperforms Akamai’s with exceptional performance, visibility and ease of use.

Edge Cloud Strategy Report: Digital Publishing

Explore the challenges facing digital publishers today and learn optimization strategies to ensure your content reaches online audiences…

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Buyers Guide for WAF

This checklist will help you ask the right questions and judge the different options on what really matters so that you can select the best…

Fastly's Cloud CDN

Fastly's cloud CDN improves your customer experience by accelerating the delivery of dynamic content and caching your website's…

Fastly Managed Security Service

Explore what expertly managed web application protection can offer your organization.

SmartParse Detection Technology

Learn how Fastly's proprietary contextual detection makes reliable, accurate traffic decision.

Fastly v. Imperva: Choosing the right AppSec partner

See how Fastly’s intuitive products and unified platform contrast Imperva’s complexity.

Delivering Platform Redundancy and Resiliency

In this brief by Moor Insights & Strategy, learn how CDNs offer unparalleled scalability and reliability to users worldwide.

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