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The Edge Advantage

See the benefits of implementing an edge strategy and discover use cases to better understand the edge advantage.

Observability at the Edge with Fastly and Datadog

Datadog and Fastly can improve user experiences, accelerate development, and take advantage of edge computing.

Fastly Next-Gen Web Application Firewall

See why companies are relying on our Next-Gen Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect websites, apps, and APIs.

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Fastly Edge Platform: The technology behind better businesses

Technology is the muscle behind user experiences, and it directly relates to your bottom line. By leveraging the right infrastructure, you…

Fastly API Security Datasheet

Fastly's API security enables visibility and protection against OWASP Top 10 API Security Risks, payloads targeting specific API protocols…

What is the modern CDN and why is it important?

Discover why the black-box, legacy CDNs could be hindering your ability to deliver dynamic experiences.

The AppSec Guide for Multi-Layer Security

This guide will help you build more security into your CI/CD workflows, reduce maintenance, shrink your attack surface, and save money…

Blocking Advanced Web Attacks with a Next Gen WAF

Learn tactics to block attacks and secure your Layer 7 assets and see the Fastly Next-Gen WAF quickly deploy and stop attacks in a live demo…

The Ecommerce Edge

Winning business with performant, scalable, and secure content delivery