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Resource library

Load Balancer Datasheet

Content-aware load balancing for any infrastructure environment

Image Optimizer Datasheet

Serve pixel-perfect, bandwidth-efficient images on the fly

Image Optimizer FAQ

Q&A about Fastly Image Optimizer

Fastly Media Shield Datasheet

Optimize your multi-CDN deployment while cutting costs

Fastly Managed CDN Datasheet

A custom, fully managed CDN solution on your network

WAF Datasheet

Always on, world class web application-layer protection

DDoS Mitigation Datasheet

Powerful, real-time DDoS mitigation

Bot Detection Datasheet

Protect your website from malicious bots with Fastly and PerimeterX Bot Defender

Online Video & Audio Datasheet

Accelerate your media delivery for improved user engagement

Support & Professional Services Datasheet

The expertise, deployment, and service management options to meet your needs

SaaS Datasheet

Accelerate the delivery of your service for a superior user experience

Travel & Hospitality Datasheet

Deliver accurate, personalized experiences across borders

Ecommerce Datasheet

Increase conversion rates with a faster, more personalized shopper experience

Ecommerce Solutions Brief

Cache ecommerce APIs to optimize web and mobile performance

DDoS White Paper

What to Look for When Choosing a CDN for DDoS Protection


Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Fastly’s DDoS protection service.

DDOS Video

Learn how our DDoS Mitigation services can protect your business

Digital Publishing Datasheet

Increase visitor engagement and empower editors with faster, real-time content distribution

Continuous Integration and Delivery Technical Brief

How Fastly facilitates your adoption of continuous development

Continuous Integration and Delivery White Paper

Why your continuous integration and delivery practices need a next-generation CDN

Digital Publishing Solutions Brief

Drive more business by leveraging edge computing

IDC Technology Spotlight Analyst Report

Cloud Alternatives Provide New View on Cutting-Edge Attack Vectors

Forrester Market Overview Analyst Report

CDN Platforms and Digital Performance Services

Gigaom Research Analyst Report

Next Generation CDNs: Extending Customer Applications to the Edge

Why Fastly

Learn what makes Fastly unique

Unleashing the power of the Edge Cloud

Find out what makes Fastly’s edge cloud platform unique

Content Delivery Video

Find out how Fastly’s CDN can accelerate your business

Fastly Support

Hear about Fastly’s dedication to customer success

Magento Datasheet

Accelerate your online store with Fastly

Drupal Fact Sheet

Get better web performance and save on infrastructure costs.


The most frequently asked questions about Fastly’s WAF

CDN Fact Sheet

What is a CDN and why do you need one?

Varnish Fact Sheet

What is Varnish and what are the benefits of using it?

GeoIP Fact Sheet

What is Fastly GeoIP Detection?

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