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Brendon Macaraeg

Senior Director of Product Marketing
October 18, 2022
DevOps teams adopt new tools and frameworks like application containers and Kubernetes, a container orchestration system, to more efficiently and quickly build and release applications.
October 4, 2021
Organizations implementing DevOps practices often sacrifice security for speed, exposing them to potential threats. In reality though, many DevOps practices are already primed for security…
September 13, 2021
Your organization may have operational and cultural roadblocks to overcome when it comes to integrating security and DevOps. These tips can help you ensure a smooth transition to more secure…
September 7, 2021
Many companies are still relying on legacy rules-based web application firewalls that can make scaling difficult and, in some cases, cause more problems than they solve with false positives…
July 27, 2021
Today, we launched Fastly Secure packages, a unified web app and API security solution that provides “right-sized” protection for any organization at a spend level that works for a variety…
July 12, 2021
We released a new report today in partnership with ESG Research that reveals some fascinating insights into the state of web application security tooling.
June 25, 2021
After years of helping protect companies across a variety of industries, we’ve come to recognize four common risk attack types. Here’s how they work and how to counter them.
June 16, 2021
While some bots are benign search engine crawlers or website health monitors, others are on the prowl with nefarious intent, looking to execute account takeovers and compromise APIs. In this…
May 24, 2021
As Kubernetes has become widespread for container orchestration needs, it’s natural for security questions to arise. Here are answers to the Kubernetes questions we hear most often.
May 5, 2021
Throwing new security tools at new threats results in scattershot protection and builds technical debt. Organizations need uniform protection for applications and APIs, regardless of where…
May 3, 2021
New Fastly next-gen WAF dashboards surface security telemetry from more than 20 new signals for advanced attack scenarios, such as account takeover, credit card validation, and password…

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