Join Fastly web performance and browser engineer Patrick Hamann — formerly of The Guardian and the Financial Times — as he walks you through creating a continuous deployment pipeline using Travis, Terraform, Fastly, and GitHub.


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“We’re not just deploying once a month during a maintenance window — we’re deploying all the time, pushing new software several times a day. When we make a change that’s going to impact our edge tier, we have to be able to see results immediately.”
Nic Benders
Chief Architect

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About the author

Patrick Hamann | Fastly, Inc.

Patrick is a Web Performance Engineer at Fastly where — amongst other things — he is helping to build a faster web for all. Prior to Fastly, he helped architect some of the world’s largest media websites including The Guardian and the Financial Times. When not speaking or ranting about performance, he enjoys spending his spare time discovering new food and craft beer.