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With cloud and multi-cloud strategies, log analytics and streaming becomes critical. Real-time logging lets you see what’s happening with your traffic and empowers you to make decisions and changes.

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Deliver critical insights for your business

As more companies move to the cloud and adopt multi-cloud strategies, log analytics and streaming is becoming more critical. Having visibility into what’s going on across your digital services with the ability to quickly make changes is a powerful competitive advantage. 

Fastly’s Real-Time Log Streaming allows you to tune the performance of Fastly services, limited to a monthly average of two log statements per request, per service. For customers who need to increase this limit, Fastly offers High Volume Logging which delivers real-time and customizable data to an extensive variety of supported logging end-points. 

Why Fastly 

Real-time capabilities are essential given today’s pace of business and high level of customer expectations. Waiting on log data is not only inefficient, but prevents you from optimizing experiences. Real-time logging lets you see what’s happening with your traffic, empowering you to make decisions and changes on the fly. 

With Fastly logging, you can instantly stream your log files to a provider of your choosing (see the full list here), and dig into any aspect of a request or response to diagnose problems and understand how your customers are engaging with your web properties. And, because we believe your log data belongs to you, we don’t store logs.

Logging data to maintain your competitive edge

Monitor and improve your security 

Security is one of the prominent reasons that organizations collect log data. With Fasty, the ability to review your logs in real-time allows you to quickly respond to potential security incidents. We integrate with multiple logging partners enabling you to safely store Fastly log data and review it over time to identify important patterns and trends.

Understand how customers use your product 

Logs contain a wealth of data that can feed into analytics programs and inform your business decision making. Fastly log data can help you track what users really do with your application, figure out what causes them to abandon transactions, and which features are the most popular. Feeding this data into your logging endpoint of choice allows you to do further analysis and gain insights into what features you should add, remove, or adjust within your product to increase revenue.

Troubleshoot performance issues 

In addition to security, performance monitoring and troubleshooting are some of the primary purposes for generating log files. Fastly real-time logs can help you determine the severity of a problem through comparing today’s data to baseline data captured in previous logs. And ongoing monitoring of logs with trend analysis can identify developing problems before they have a measurable impact on your users. Instantly see the impact of new code in production then make your own configuration or code changes on the fly (and roll them back as needed).


“We’ve found Fastly’s logging feature to be super useful for troubleshooting. We can basically use the Fastly stats as if we had black boxes everywhere.”

Rob Joseph

Director of Site Reliability

Quality of service monitoring 

Detailed log data from Fastly can help bolster your log monitoring capabilities, enabling you to detect a host of potential problems - from infrastructure to end-user - by providing a baseline of normal request and response data. 

Provide better user support 

Providing production support to users is often difficult because they cannot always describe the problem accurately or articulate the actions they took leading up to the problem. Detailed log files from Fastly help you track user clicks or capture the parameters of user requests to provide an accurate and accessible picture of their behavior. This enables a help desk team to rapidly understand the problem and resolve it. 

Satisfy compliance mandates 

Many compliance standards and legal regulations require maintaining an audit trail showing who has accessed, modified, or deleted data. Fastly logs streamed from the edge, and stored with your logging provider of choice, can record and preserve the data required to satisfy those mandates.

Understand and improve your IT operations 

In coordination with analytics, Fastly log files can enable you to identify trouble spots and perform proactive maintenance on your systems. This allows you to move away from reactive troubleshooting to predicting and addressing potential issues before they cause larger problems. 

Support CI/CD 

Real-time log data from Fastly can help you embrace continuous improvement processes, enhancing customer experiences. Ongoing log analysis can reveal opportunities to reduce overall content download times or improve your cache hit ratio.

Alerts and notifications

Use the log data to trigger 3rd party notifications or alerts whenever specific log content appears or a threshold is reached.


“We do what I would imagine most startups do: ship code out early and as fast as possible. When we change Fastly configs, we look at the error logs.”

Alan Schaaf

Founder and CEO

Fastly Logging Datasheet

Real-time visibility, customized to fit your business needs and workflows

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The Guardian uses streaming logs as an early warning system to detect issues after changes are deployed to their site.

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Fastly offers several support plans to meet your needs: standard, gold and enterprise.


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