The engineers of bespoke security solutions

The Fastly Security Solution Architects are security experts delivering tailored configuration, custom solutions, and training to customers.

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Maximizing your capability

Fastly Security software is great out-of-the-box and also incredibly configurable.
Security Solutions Architects understand your requirements and build custom solutions to solve them.

Global Support

We are a distributed team with diverse capabilities to better identify opportunities to help customers achieve their goals.

Fastly Fluency

We are experts in Fastly Security products to match business and security needs to product capabilities.

Config Proficiency

We are technical experts capable of achieving custom outcomes via advanced configuration and coding.

Success stories

Crafting solutions for complex challenges

Modern organizations can be nuanced in architecture, siloed in nature, and complex organizationally. Solutions Architects navigate the uncertainty 
to achieve novel solutions for you.

Enabling customized migrations

A fintech provider had a complex infrastructure featuring numerous applications, each with distinct migration requirements. We built their team a completely customized Next-Gen WAF instance featuring custom scripts, VCL security logic, and advanced configurations to maximize their security posture and mitigate more attacks.

Building tailored integrations

An online grocery organization approached our team with a tight deadline for their Next-Gen WAF implementation as they transitioned away from another provider and the need for complete integration with their existing Terraform infrastructure. We worked around the clock to assess their setup, build their custom solution, and deliver it ahead of schedule to offer even faster time-to-value.

Crafting informed optimizations

A financial institution operated siloed teams with separate and distinct product requirements, and we met with each to understand their criteria and evaluate their security configuration. With our intimate understanding of their landscape, we provided the optimal deployment and a custom configuration which we also trained them on. This allowed them leverage our expertise for strengthened security of their apps and APIs.

Security Solutions Architects Spotlight

Supporting customer needs

The perfect configuration may be outside your team’s bandwidth or expertise. Security Solutions Architects are professionals who translate your needs into realities.

    Support options

    Unlocking new efficiencies

    Knowing what you want and how to get there are two drastically different things.
Security Solutions Architects forge your path.

    Tailored Implementation

    We ingest your business and technical requirements to deploy tailored configurations built for your organization.

    Professional Services

    We build custom solutions within Fastly Security Products to solve unique customer challenges.

    Introductory Training

    We deliver instructor-led training designed for various levels of technical expertise to teach how to use Fastly Security Products effectively.

    Advanced Training

    We deliver advanced training to maximize your usage of Fastly Security Products with a focus on Fastly’s API usage.

    Health Checks

    We assess your security posture and corresponding infrastructure to ensure you’re operating under current best practices.

    Augmenting your experience

    Efficacy and utilization increase when products are tailored to match needs.
Solutions Architects contribute to your success via the support of multiple services.

    Continuity Essentials

    This service is an annual offering that provides introductory training and quarterly health check reports. Fortify your web security strategy with technical expertise, quick start up times, and streamlined deployment.

    Implementation Services

    These services provide a clear path to quickly deploy and get blocking mode up and running in your applications. Leverage our team’s passion for technical excellence to help successfully plan, test, and deploy solutions to protect your applications.


    These services offer two levels of instructor-led training. Our introductory training guides users through Next-Gen WAF deployment and tuning, and our advanced course focuses on the Fastly API and how you can self-troubleshoot your WAF’s functionality.

    Professional Services

    These services are designed for bespoke initiatives involving Fastly Security Products. We work to understand your needs and use advanced configuration to achieve them.