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Joe Hoffend

Senior Product Manager
April 8

You asked, we delivered: Terraform support for TLS is here

Teams can now automate their Fastly TLS workflows through Terraform — including issuing certificates, retrieving TLS details, and performing other updates.

November 9

Now log in to multiple Fastly accounts with one set of credentials

Gone are the days of maintaining separate credentials for multiple accounts. Multi Account User Access allows you to log in to multiple Fastly customer accounts with a single set of…

October 5

Improving our diff view through customer feedback and developer research

We’ve made improvements to our diff view by combining customer testing, feedback, and requests with our own inspiration with diff experiences we enjoy using. The result is an enhanced diff…

October 2

Fastly + Terraform: support for Fastly WAF and new logging endpoints

We’ve been hard at work at Fastly this year working on updates to our Terraform provider and have some exciting ones to announce: Terraform now supports all our logging endpoints, plus…

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