Terraform now supports all Fastly logging endpoints

Last year, we announced a host of features that allow you to manage more of Fastly within Terraform by HashiCorp, an open-source tool that enables teams that want to capture their infrastructure requirements as code to build, change, and version it safely and efficiently. 

With Terraform quickly gaining momentum as more developers want the flexibility and ease of managing more of their architecture all in one place, today we’re announcing even more ways to manage your Fastly account within Terraform.

New logging endpoints

Our Terraform provider now supports all of our Fastly-supported logging endpoints. That includes the recently announced New Relic Logs, Google Pub/Sub and HTTPS, which are now in General Availability. Check out the full list here, but some other recent additions include:

  • Elasticsearch

  • Apache Kafka

  • Datadog

  • Spaces by DigitalOcean

  • Rackspace Cloud Files

  • Openstack

  • Logshuttle

  • Honeycomb

  • Heroku Logplex

  • Scalyr

  • Loggly

  • FTP

  • SFTP

Fastly WAF support

This has been a frequent customer request, and we’re happy to announce that Fastly WAF customers can now control their WAF with Terraform. Actions include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Enable and disable WAF on a service;

  • Change what mode each rule is in;

  • Copy and apply WAF rule sets across services; and

  • Roll back versions.

Get a full list of all updates in our Terraform Changelog, and stay tuned for even more Fastly and Terraform goodness to come, as part of a larger effort to create a frictionless experience with our API and our commitment to support the open-source and developer communities. 

Upgrade the provider you currently use, or if you don’t use Terraform yet, give it a try.

Dom Fee
Senior Manager, Product Management
Joe Hoffend
Senior Product Manager

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Dom Fee
Senior Manager, Product Management

Dom Fee leads Product for Observability at Fastly. Before joining Fastly, he was co-founder and product lead of ReSRC; the responsive image service Fastly acquired in 2015. When not working, he can be found cycling in the Yorkshire countryside, playing basketball with his kids, or sampling some of Leeds’ foodie hotspots.

Joe Hoffend
Senior Product Manager

Joe product manages several aspects of the Fastly App, all with the goal of making the best user experience possible for our customers. Prior to joining Fastly, Joe helped build both startups and product teams, and in his spare time, he loves listening to podcasts and playing the latest and greatest video games.

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