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Now log in to multiple Fastly accounts with one set of credentials

We have heard time and time again that if you need to log in to multiple Fastly customer accounts, having to maintain separate credentials for each has been a serious pain point. We’ve been working hard to fix this frustration — and today we’re happy to announce a solution.

Multi Account User Access allows you to log in to multiple Fastly customer accounts with a single set of credentials. From here on out, superusers can invite your primary user account, such as, to any accounts they would like you to have access to. Gone are the days of needing to have,, and so on. 

On your side as the user, you will accept the invite for each one, then be prompted to select which account to view when logging in. While logged in to an account, you will see an option to “switch account” and can then select which account to view. 


We also take into account whether or not the accounts use single sign-on (or not), as well as two-factor authentication, and prompt accordingly. 

As a superuser, this should allow you to remove any secondary user accounts your coworkers may be using. For more information on how to begin using this as a superuser, check out our Docs page

We believe this will make your experience using Fastly even more enjoyable and hopefully makes your life easier as well.

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