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Katsuyuki Omuro

Senior Software Engineer, Developer Relations
March 21
Fastly’s ESI library for JavaScript, now available on npm, allows you to add powerful ESI processing to your application.
January 24
Automated testing is a vital part of app development, and now it's easier than ever to use JavaScript to write tests with the Compute Application Testing library.
March 2, 2023
With our new remix-compute-js libraries, you can now host your Remix application on our Compute platform, allowing you to serve at our world-wide edge network — you don't even need an origin…
September 21, 2022
With our new next-compute-js library, you can now host your Next.js application on our Compute@Edge platform – giving you the benefits of both the Next.js developer experience and our…
September 20, 2022
Our Compute JavaScript platform provides Request and Response objects, but these are based on the Fetch standard, rather than the req and res objects traditionally seen in Node.js programs…
September 16, 2022
Many of the world's websites are static, and Fastly’s content delivery network gets those pages from origin to visitors quickly. But what if we took the origin out of the equation?
August 25, 2022
Automated scripts, or bots, make up a large portion of product purchases on the web today. To some businesses, these bots cause harm, but for others, bots help drive revenue. If you are an…
July 21, 2022
Our first OpenTelemetry library for Compute is now available, enabling your Compute application to generate spec-compliant traces, providing deeper insights about its performance and…

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