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Mark Nottingham

Senior Principal Engineer
November 4

Beyond Server Push: experimenting with the 103 Early Hints Status Code

Many people think that the 103 Early Hints HTTP status code can help web performance in certain situations, but we won’t know until we get data about it, and without that data, browsers won…

July 6

Cache-Control in the wild

The Cache-Control response header is one of HTTP’s more widely known header fields; it allows a site to control how caches handle their data in CDNs, browsers, and elsewhere. This post digs…

June 26

Improving HTTP with structured header fields

The HTTP community has been busy modernizing the web’s protocol over the last decade, with multiple revisions of the core specification, a number of extensions, HTTP/2, and now HTTP/…

February 20

Creating standards for CDNs

Content delivery networks (CDNs) have been around for a long time, but they’re not all built in the same way. While Fastly’s edge cloud platform goes beyond traditional content delivery…

September 5

Testing HTTP freshness in CDNs

CDNs all use HTTP caching to optimize performance, but sometimes different CDNs do it in slightly different ways and that can make things more complicated for our customers. This blog post…

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