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BloomNation is an online retailer delivering fresh flowers direct from local florists. Founded in 2011, the company serves customers in 5,000 cities and towns across the United States.
Industry: Online Retail
Location: North America
Customer since: 2019

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Halting a Flood of Abusive Traffic

The challenge

In late 2019, the company was listed on Built In LA’s 50 Best Small Places to Work list, which boosted their national profile. But this also attracted malicious actors to their website at a much greater scale. BloomNation was experiencing a flood of abusive attack traffic, such as DDOS, SQLi, XSS, and credential stuffing, from malicious actors attempting to scan their web applications.

The impact on the organization was significant: engineers spent time away from building and deploying product features and focused instead on manually researching and blocking IP addresses to keep the website up. The influx of traffic also impacted the customer experience: page load times slowed and broke the site as attack requests increasingly hit their server instances.

BloomNation needed tools to not only repel these attacks, but also give their engineering team the ability to rate limit traffic to quickly tag and identify traffic signals based on custom criteria.

“The attacks turned our office into a war room and the headcount and resource cost to our team was significant. Without Fastly I don’t think we’d be able to keep the website up. ” Ashlin Jones, Lead DevOps Engineer

The solution

With Fastly’s rate limiting features, BloomNation easily identifies malicious traffic and stops it from hitting their servers while reducing resource utilization and improving customer experience.

Immediate Reduction in Resource Load
At the peak of their attacks, BloomNation was dedicating three engineers to triaging web attacks a few days a week, but the company did not want to sustain that level of attention to manually identifying attack traffic sources. Fastly tagging and filter features enabled BloomNation to categorize traffic through custom signals and freed them from manual operations related to identifying abusive web requests.

Improved Customer Experience
While BloomNation was able to block IPs from further attacking their applications, the initial requests were still hitting their servers. This caused considerable strain on their load balancers, which saw up to 90% CPU consumption. Fastly rate limiting was able stop these requests, speed up page load times, and prevent sites from being unavailable for legitimate users. Operationally, Jones and team have not had to access their load balancer since implementing Fastly.

A Secure Path Forward
The BloomNation team had experienced malicious traffic spikes in the past, but their resources weren’t prepared to scale so quickly. Fastly tools and features gave Jones the ability to dive deeper into his architecture and plan out best practices as the company grows. Our nextgen WAF also provides BloomNation a forward-looking approach to application security.

“Fastly rate limiting has opened a new dimension into securing our application. It gave us a better understanding of this traffic and where it was coming from. ”

Ashlin Jones
Lead DevOps Engineer

“The attacks turned our office into a war room and the headcount and resource cost to our team was significant. Without Fastly I don’t think we’d be able to keep the website up.”

Ashlin Jones
Lead DevOps Engineer

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