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About Drupal

Drupal is an open source tool that powers millions of websites and applications by allowing users to upload and manage content. Over one million global users work on, which is funded and maintained by the Drupal Association. The Drupal Association is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon that fosters and supports the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. Supported by both individual members and organizations, the Association uses its resources, network, and funds to educate people about Drupal and support the growth of the Drupal project.

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Why Fastly

Drupal powers content management for 12.2% of the top 100,000 websites worldwide — including,, Pinterest, NBCUniversal, Tesla, Pfizer, MLS, NBA, the GRAMMYs, the Emmys, and Harvard. The Drupal Association is the central and authoritative source for news, addons, development, and updates on all things Drupal. Like most Drupal-powered sites, the Drupal Association uses Varnish, the open source web accelerator, to cache and accelerate their sites and services. hosts the Download ( and Updates services that provide essential Drupal packages, themes, and modules to extend the look and feel of Drupal’s core features.

“Fastly helped us deal with some pretty challenging traffic levels. Speaking with them and learning about the open source alliance program sold us on working with an open source-friendly content distribution network that uses software we’re familiar with. Fastly understands the needs of an open source project.” — Rudy Grigar, Infrastructure Manager

“Fastly is a perfect fit for an organization like the Drupal Association: it’s open source-friendly, built on Varnish, and offers a great distribution network with a great set of distributed POPs. Because we have a global community, we need to have a fast global reach, and services like Fastly make that doable.” — Joshua Mitchell, CTO

As a crucial part of the infrastructure for millions of sites, the Drupal Association looked for a CDN that would enable them to scale their infrastructure as Drupal grows, extend the robust features of their platform (including faster downloads, updates, and the latest news) to their community as a whole, and support unpredictable spikes without overloading their origins. The Drupal Association turned to Fastly to serve’s entire infrastructure, caching assets on both their Download and Updates services as well as Because Fastly is based on Varnish, Drupal could easily extend their existing application logic to the network edge — closer to their global user base — creating faster experiences for their community. Fastly’s Origin Shield enables to scale without risk by absorbing traffic spikes and maintaining high-availability and fast, global cache-consistency to support instant updates and real-time releases.