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Edgemesh is a web acceleration company that helps businesses measure and optimize customer experiences, making site delivery often 2 to 10 times faster for their customers. They do it through both a client-side optimization platform and Edgemesh Server, which enables a simple, seamless transition to a high-performance headless environment. Edgemesh supports media companies and ecommerce customers in almost every vertical, responding to 4-5 billion resource-level requests daily.


Industry: SaaS/PaaS

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Customer since: 2021

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Edgemesh uses Compute® to achieve 5x improvement in time-to-first-byte.

Edgemesh had one stand-out priority when they came to Fastly: performance. Edgemesh's customers depend on them for fast, reliable websites, and Edgemesh turned to Fastly's Compute solution to meet that need.
Built on top of Fastly's advanced caching platform, Fastly’s serverless compute environment is a general computing layer that sits between single- or multi-origin clouds and companies' end users, empowering developers to run code in a safe, microsecond execution environment, at scale, on the edge.

"Our focus is speed," said Edgemesh CEO Jake Loveless. "We take your existing site and make it faster, which for our customers, translates into an increase in conversion rates and an increase in the average revenue per user. We've always thought of Fastly as the high-performance CDN, which made it the perfect fit for us."

Hear from Edgemesh CEO Jacob Loveless as he discusses how Compute has helped deliver huge in gains in performance metrics, which boosted their ecommerce customers' conversion rates.

One of Edgemesh's focus areas is ecommerce acceleration, which means their customers want to provide shoppers with instantaneous response times and high-quality immersive experiences. Compute makes that possible by giving developers the ability to execute code at the edge near their customers at blazingly fast speeds. This means apps and websites can be highly personalized and deliver interactive user experiences without any noticeable latency. 

Compute enables Edgemesh to use domain unsharding, also known as connection coalescing, to limit the number of TCP connections and dramatically accelerate response times and page loads of their customers’ sites. "I don't know how we would do that without the ability to run code at the edge itself,” Loveless said.

"Compute is giving us another layer of control over the CDN so we can modify responses and optimize the delivery of each request. Our business is ensuring that the customer always gets the fastest response they possibly can. To make that happen, we needed the ability to run code inside the CDN itself. Fastly's Compute gives us that."
Jake Loveless, CEO

Edgemesh customers see conversion rate improvements of up to 20%

Online consumers won't wait, so for ecommerce organizations, time-to-first-byte (TTFB) is everything. When Edgemesh implemented Compute, they evaluated performance by collecting real customer data. With 30-40 million requests going through Edgemesh daily, their collected data showed a TTFB improvement of 5 times in just the first few weeks of implementing Compute. Request times are down by 2.5 times at the median, and tail latency has gone down by nearly half an order of magnitude. Some customers have achieved even more dramatic results, like a drop in request time from 590-865 ms to 60-85 ms—a decrease of nearly 90%.

So, what do those speed metrics mean for business? Loveless said that several Edgemesh customers reported a clear jump in conversion rates after implementing Fastly's Compute. One established customer told Edgemesh they achieved their first million-dollar month in history. The product offering and marketing tactics were essentially the same—the only change that month was that Edgemesh was leveraging Compute to make that customer's site run several times faster.

“Our customers felt a difference right away when we turned on the Fastly caches. We were hearing, ‘Hey, these metrics are looking really good!’”
Jake Loveless, CEO

Customers also reported an increase in organic traffic. Compute helps Edgemesh Server run fully automatic dynamic rendering, so a pre-rendered, optimized static HTML version of a site is served to index bots, while human customers still get a highly interactive, immersive version. For one Edgemesh customer, the move to Compute helped drive their total number of indexed pages from about 1,000 to 1,500, a 50% increase. Because their site was pre-rendered, they had more index pages, which meant more organic traffic.

"Organic traffic is the best because you don't have to pay for it. Free organic traffic increases the conversion rate and increases revenue, and the customer doesn't have to do anything," said Loveless. For Edgemesh customers, it was like flipping a switch and suddenly getting traffic levels you'd normally work for through an extensive SEO process.

Quick implementation leads to faster results

Edgemesh could deliver such quick business results to their customers due to the ease of getting Compute in production—a project that took just three weeks.

Hear from Edgemesh CEO Jacob Loveless as he shares why he values Fastly's support and partnership after adopting Compute.

Edgemesh completely integrated Compute into their DevOps lifecycle, which Loveless believes has contributed to their performance increases. Because the platform is API-first, they could fold it into existing operations and automate deployments. "Compute doesn't feel like a bolt-on so much as an extension, so we feel like we're much, much deeper in the system, which is why we're seeing the kind of performance levels we're seeing."

Loveless also says that their rapport with the engineering team at Fastly has made a big difference. Their Slack channel enables real-time conversations about problems or new ideas, so production doesn't slow or stall while waiting for support. "Fastly didn't just give us a toolkit," Loveless said. "It feels like we're partners, moving forward and problem solving together."

"Starting with Fastly was probably the fastest infrastructure onboarding we've ever done. In less than three weeks, we went from 'Hey, we should talk with someone at Fastly' to having Compute fully in production."
Jake Loveless, CEO

"Every day, we're moving more and more of the Edgemesh platform over to Fastly, as fast as we can...Especially with the holiday season approaching, we plan to just keep pouring our production load on Fastly."

Jake Loveless


"When the purpose of your code is performance, you want to be sure your interaction with that system is first class. Compared to the alternatives, we're much more deeply integrated, and that shows in our performance metrics."

Jake Loveless


"The rapport that we have with the engineering team at Fastly makes all the difference. Not only are they helping with problem solving, but we’re also looking down the road and saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if…’ That’s the difference between just a vendor and a partner."

Jake Loveless


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