Jimdo helps busy entrepreneurs to build powerful, beautiful, high-performing websites quickly and easily, so they can focus on growing a successful, profitable business. Jimdo powers over 20 million websites around the world and has recently launched a new product, Dolphin, a new generation of website builder that delivers a personalized, ready-to-use website in three minutes. It also does the heavy-lifting for the customer, and, for example, takes care of SEO housekeeping tasks automatically. Learn how Fastly helps Jimdo create websites that can serve images quickly, leading to increased speed, conversions, and sales for Jimdo creators.


Industry: Internet

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Customer since: 2014

Favorite features

Image resizing and optimization

Maximized performance across all devices

Outsourcing non-core skills to an expert provider

Allows strong focus on product innovation and customer service

Setting the stage for innovation

Jimdo started at a time when a few other website creation companies were also on the rise, and they were putting massive budgets towards marketing and advertising campaigns. The team at Jimdo realized that they needed to focus on two areas that would help them really stand out to customers and grow rapidly — quality product innovation and unparalleled customer service.

Fastly helped Jimdo build innovative new products that powered growth by enabling them to offload complicated and time-intensive workflows and operations to Fastly’s edge cloud network, freeing their team to focus on efforts that add the most value for their customers.

Because Fastly takes care of infrastructure scalability and integrates seamlessly with their existing workflow and development, they were able to significantly reduce engineering overhead. Jimdo’s technical teams was able to focus their energy on developing innovative products like Dolphin, an AI-based tool that can help create a personalized, beautiful website in minutes. Even with traditional website builder solutions that take care of a large chunk of the coding work, they still often require some understanding of information architecture and design. Dolphin frees entrepreneurs from having to worry about either of those things.

Integration with Jimdo’s technology and teams was key, too. Jimdo configured Fastly as an infrastructure service, meaning that it slots effortlessly and transparently into their content management and website delivery tools and workflow, making it easier for them to deploy code quickly. Even as Jimdo manages more websites, Fastly can scale for them, reducing the need to rapidly increase the size of in-house support teams.

“My goal has always been to decrease complexity in the infrastructure we run ourselves. We have very talented people in the infrastructure department but we also have other parts of the product where our engineering power can be spent in a more efficient way. We trust Fastly to scale our infrastructure while we focus on building a better experience for our customers.”

Paul Seiffert

Team Lead of Infrastructure Engineering

Creating an exceptional user experience

Simplicity and ease-of-use of the product are important for Jimdo. The website builder was created for those who want an attractive and professional online presence without having to spend too much time and effort. Jimdo needs to ensure they can provide their customers with websites that are secure, fast, and scalable no matter their customers' device or location. In the competitive world of online website building, it’s vital to get the basics right — performance, availability, and optimization to create the best customer experience. Fastly gives Jimdo the technical services, reliability, and peace-of-mind to achieve exactly that.

“With Fastly, we improve our customers’ user experience significantly, so we also make their business more successful by delivering their websites quickly.”

Paul Seiffert

Team Lead of Infrastructure Engineering

Optimizing images for speed and conversion

Jimdo initially used Fastly to serve static assets like Javascript and CSS to website visitors. A year after implementing Fastly, they realized that Fastly could help them with a difficult problem that was key to their business: how to resize the images on their customers’ sites as needed so they looked great on all devices. Optimized image delivery is vital — many websites rely on beautiful photos to help sell their products and services. Fast and accurate delivery of correctly sized images can significantly improve conversions and sales.

Jimdo used to do the image manipulation and resizing themselves, which Paul Seiffert, team lead of instractructure engineering, says “was a huge pain for us.” Fastly was able to offload that work for them, helping Jimdo to scale and making things much simpler on their end. Image optimization frees up technical resources and time by not having to create and store all the necessary versions of images for the variety of formats and devices. Prior to moving to Fastly, Jimdo was using open source software for image resizing, and maintaining and operating that software was creating considerable technical overhead and costs.

“In the website creation world, performance is key, and the images are definitely one of the most important pieces of a website. For our customers, the images are really the content that market and sell their products. We used to have a manual process to resize images, but now we use Fastly’s Image Optimizer to dynamically resize images, guaranteeing optimized site performance for a great end user experience.”

Paul Seiffert

Team Lead of Infrastructure Engineering

Jimdo : IO Image

Fastly’s Image Optimizer also helps to power Jimdo Dolphin. A new customer just needs to answer some basic questions and Dolphin will help create a personalized website automatically in three minutes, with a beautiful design, all the customer’s information, and compelling images. Jimdo automatically takes care of SEO tasks and pinpoints exactly what you can do to improve your search engine ranking. The built-in assistant also offers regular tips on how to optimize your site.

Jimdo is seeing excellent growth through Dolphin, and as the product gains in popularity, Fastly is able to scale to match user demand. Fastly helps Jimdo to innovate and delight their customers.

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