One Medical is a membership-based primary care practice on a mission to make getting quality care more affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for all through a blend of human-centered design, technology, and an exceptional team.
Industry: Healthcare
Location: North America
Customer since: 2020

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Next-Gen WAF

Securing Quality Healthcare in the Cloud

The challenge

One Medical needed security that aligned with their cloud strategy to better protect customer data. Healthcare is an industry susceptible to identity theft. Organizations like One Medical have to deal with a multitude of electronic medical records. One Medical takes security and confidentiality of their customers’ PII seriously by following industry best practices in software development and testing, as well as internal and external security practices.

One Medical needed security that could scale with their cloud-first strategy and improve their overall security posture while staying compliant with HIPAA. False positives in One Medical’s environment meant doctors could be blocked from critical functions such as submitting prescriptions. While evaluating other solutions, One Medical’s teams found they were difficult to deploy into their cloud-first technology stack and caused false positives.

The solution

Collaboration between teams improved visibility and security
One Medical’s security and engineering teams chose Fastly over competitors due to greater confidence in our security capabilities.

No-hassle deployment was supported by all stakeholders
One Medical’s security team needed buy-in from their engineering group to find a solution that delivered best-in-class security and could be easily deployed into their cloud first technology stack. Mike Katz, Senior Security Engineer asserted that, “If a tool can’t be deployed easily for the dev team, then the solution is a non-starter for security. We’re not going to deal with something that can’t be managed in the first place. Fastly was the only solution that met our requirements.”

Helped security build a business case for more strategic security hires
One Medical used Fastly analytics and data to build a more strategic security program. Katz stated that, “The awareness of risks that our app is under helps us to build a more effective business case to add more security headcount. This helps us plan for the year ahead.”

Improved real-time visibility, decisioning, and action in the application layer
Shortly after One Medical deployed Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF, they experienced a malicious IP attempting to brute force logins to their application, and were able to shut it down immediately within the tool. Instead of relying on logs to surface events after the fact, they used the Next-Gen WAF to block and alert in real-time.

With intuitive dashboards, events, and alerts accessible by all teams, One Medical can now better understand the attack chain to quickly detect attacks and protect their sensitive customer data.

“If a tool can’t be deployed easily for the dev team, then the solution is a nonstarter for security. Fastly’s was the only solution that met our requirements.”

Mike Katz
Senior Security Engineer

“We have always proactively prioritized security at One Medical. We wanted better visibility into our application layer, which is what led us to choose Fastly.”

Jérémie Meyer de Ville
Senior Engineering Manager

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