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Pronovias is a business group which designs, makes, and sells wedding dresses and evening gowns. Headquartered in Barcelona and operating in 12 countries, the company generates €160 million in revenue. Its brands - Pronovias, House of St. Patrick, White One, Ladybird, Nicole and Vera Wang - are distributed via 4,000 multi-brand points of sale in 105 countries and 102 single-brand stores.

Each of these brands has its own portal. But unlike traditional ecommerce portals, transactions don’t center around a shopping cart here. Instead, these portals serve as a gateway for customer relationships with the brand and as a booking point for face-to-face appointments, thus linking the online experience with the in-store experience.
Industry: Luxury bridal fashion
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Customer since: 2020

Favorite features

  • Next-Gen WAF

  • GeoIP

  • Image Optimizer

Pronovias Group: an exclusive and secure experience for customers all over the world

Guaranteeing a high level of availability, quick response times and security for the group’s six brands

Pronovias Group’s ecommerce portals safeguard a reputable brand image and collect bookings for in-person appointments. As this is where interactions with each of the brands and most user experiences begin, optimizing these experiences, and bringing them on par with the personalized and exclusive service offered in store was key. The online stores required fast and frictionless loading in users’ web browsers.

Pronovias Group was looking for a universal solution for all of its brands that would facilitate the daily management of their online presence while allowing them to handle traffic without losing connectivity from anywhere in the world.

It was also essential to protect the websites and distinguish between different types of requests to rule out all kinds of attacks. To this end, Pronovias Group relied on Onestic, a Fastly partner specializing in the development of ecommerce and security solutions based on the most advanced technologies.

The group had experienced episodes of massive automated newsletter enrollments and user registration requests in the past and was looking for a tool that would allow them to separate legitimate traffic from non-legitimate traffic. In addition to a global infrastructure permitting speedy responses, there was also a need to reject unwanted traffic.

The main challenge was to adapt to Pronovias Group’s global reach: by managing and evaluating traffic based on its origin without losing connectivity in any region. After migrating Pronovias to the new infrastructure, we gradually proceeded with the rest of the brands.

Another reason why Pronovias Group opted for Fastly’s technology were its customization options and the ability to run logic within Varnish. Now the Pronovias team can organize, manage, and modify the delivery service rules when needed.

Ensuring secure experiences with Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF

Protecting its above-mentioned endpoints was a key aspect for Pronovias Group in its quest for solving the primary issue of bot traffic.

Pronovias adapted Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF because its rate limiting abilities and filtering enhancements greatly reduced unwanted traffic without harming the performance of the different sites.

GeoIP and Image Optimizer

Two other highlights of Pronovias adopting Fastly’s technology were GeoIP and Image Optimizer.

With GeoIP, the source of each request can be tracked. This information can then be used for fine-tuning the identification of incoming traffic before that traffic passes through the WAF.

Image Optimizer takes advantage of the capillarity and processing capacity of Fastly’s global infrastructure, transforming images, eliminating latency and reducing load times. All of these aspects play a major role for Pronovias Group’s websites where images are taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to the intelligence provided by Fastly and its chosen path, Pronovias continues to work towards the ongoing improvement of all aspects concerning its sites that provide its users with a satisfactory experience.

“Integrating Fastly with the group’s sites was incredibly fast: within two months, Pronovias went into production, followed by the rest of the brands.”

Jorge Cases
Service Manager Onestic

“The experience on the Pronovias website is guaranteed. It’s a high-availability infrastructure, with all services replicated and built on top of the Fastly stack.”

David Bolufer
CTO Onestic

“Fastly is a perfect global provider for the needs of a group with an international presence like Pronovias. In addition to Fastly’s customization options, rapid deployment, and network reach, we added the NextGen WAF at the edge to complete the tech stack that Pronovias required.”

David Bolufer
CTO Onestic

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