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Stellate, formerly known as GraphCDN, offers analytics and protection for GraphQL APIs. Stellate provides cloud-based solutions to cache, analyze, and protect GraphQL APIs at the computing edge. By caching GraphQL queries and completing cached requests in milliseconds at the edge, Stellate reduces traffic to the origin by up to 95%, which improves site performance and avoids downtime caused by traffic spikes. Stellate solutions lower total costs through lower cloud usage.
Industry: Software & services
Location: North America
Customer since: 2021

Favorite features

Stellate’s Edge Platform for GraphQL API is 2x Faster Powered by Fastly

The challenge

With the increase in enterprise adoption of the GraphQL standard, Stellate needed a solution that could help them grow and scale faster. Their architecture utilized multiple vendors which added complexity and hindered feature development. Stellate required a singular solution that would reduce origin traffic and boost performance by caching GraphQL queries for its enterprise customers at the edge. To achieve the goal, Stellate needed to move forward with one high-performance platform partner who could help them deliver features faster.

The solution

As of November 2023, all Stellate services run entirely on Fastly, improving performance up to 2x faster! Stellate chose a singular platform solution in Fastly for performance, partnership, visibility, and cost savings.

Highest performance edge computing

Stellate found Fastly to be superior to every other edge platform considered, so much so that Max Stoiber, Cofounder and CEO of Stellate, describes Fastly as “a beautiful piece of technology that works exactly the way that we need it to.”

Real-time visibility at the edge

Stellate can look at GraphQL data updates (mutations) that flow through its edge layer and invalidate in ~150 milliseconds globally any cached data altered by a user on average. By circumventing origin infrastructure, Stellate delivers up to 75% faster response times to its customers, GraphQL API providers.

Lower infrastructure costs

Enterprises achieve significant cost savings by using Stellate’s platform, and Fastly Compute makes it possible with lower infrastructure costs. “The business margins enabled by partnering with Fastly are a big part of the reason we can do what we do for our customers,” says Stoiber.

Key takeaway

Stellate wanted a supportive partner and Fastly delivered. Fastly added features to the Compute platform to serve as the engine for Stellate’s own platform. With Fastly as a partner, Stellate doesn’t need to hire its own infrastructure engineers, because Fastly’s infrastructure engineers essentially act as an extension of the Stellate team. “Fastly has supported us every single step of the way,” says Stoiber. “They've continuously improved to the point where I am comfortable betting my business on Fastly.”

“Fastly Compute allowed us to innovate rapidly and provide a huge amount of business value to our customers, even as a startup. It’s kind of ridiculous the amount of leverage that we gained by using Fastly.”

Max Stoiber
CEO, Stellate

“As a startup, we don’t have the capacity to build a global infrastructure nor run it at a scale where companies’ huge enterprises rely on it. Fastly is the engine that powers our platform and makes it possible.”

Max Stoiber
CEO, Stellate

“Fastly’s platform was superior to every other platform we looked at. They have been an amazing partner.”

Max Stoiber
CEO, Stellate

“I recommend news and e-commerce enterprises use GraphQL for your API, use Fastly for your edge computing, and use Stellate to move your GraphQL caching to the edge.”

Max Stoiber
CEO, Stellate

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