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Why Fastly + Magento Open Source (Adobe Commerce)

You’ve invested considerable time and money building your online store on Magento Open Source (part of Adobe Commerce). Now it’s time to enhance your customer’s web experiences and increase conversion rates with Fastly. Fastly is an edge cloud platform that provides security and delivery services at the network edge, closer to your customers for better performance.

Fastly and Magento have a long-standing partnership resulting in a robust set of available features to optimize your online storefront. Selected to be part of the Adobe Commerce technology stack, Fastly’s edge cloud can also be used to enhance your customers’ web experiences with Fastly extensions for Magento Open Source, replacing native full page caching. Combine the power of Magento Open Source’s all-in-one ecommerce capabilities with Fastly’s edge cloud platform for instant enhancements to your online storefront.

Enhance Web & Mobile Performance

Performance directly impacts conversion, and consumer behavior has conditioned all of us to have little patience for slow experiences. Research indicates that 53% of people will leave a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load (Google).

With Fastly, you can do full page caching at the edge for faster web and mobile performance of your Magento storefront. Cache things like shopping cart content, login messages, personalized blocks showing “last viewed products”, and more to deliver an enhanced shopping experience for your users. This even works on non-cached pages like checkouts by maintaining open “hot connections” between your cache and your origin.

Deliver Better Inventory & Pricing Management

When customers discover at checkout that an item is out of stock, you’ve lost their trust and dollars. Research shows that 69.99% of online shopping carts are abandoned (Baymard Institute) which can impact a range of metrics including lost customer lifetime value and higher customer acquisition costs.

Fastly’s Instant Purge allows you to update content within 150 milliseconds globally (mean purge time), so if something changes on your website, the Fastly Magento Extension automatically triggers a purge request. Instant invalidation eliminates the need to guess at expiry times for your content in advance, so you can seamlessly deliver accurate inventory, catalog, pricing, customer ratings and reviews and more, all from within your Magento backend.

Optimize Images for Higher Conversion Rates

The page weight of ecommerce sites is higher than ever before due in large part to images. This increases page load time and can negatively impact engagement but the quality of the images displayed can significantly impact on conversion rates (Etsy)

Fastly Image Optimizer (IO) can not only help serve images faster and more cost-effectively, it can also help resize, adjust quality, crop/trim, change orientations, and convert formats on demand. By offloading your image transformation logic to the edge, you can even detect visitor attributes like device and geolocation to serve the optimal version of an image. Fastly IO also transparently adds support for next generation image formats such as Google WebP.

Simplify your Storefront Management While Adding More Functionality

Many Magento deployments can require you to manage multiple layers -- from load balancers, Varnish cache servers, admin servers, and more. Not only can this be complex and difficult to manage, it might also introduce added latency and expense if it requires multiple requests to be sent back to your origin.

Fastly can help simplify your Magento management stack with a two-tier cache. Fastly’s network of strategically placed points of presence (POPs) serve content closer to your users while Fastly’s Origin Shield simplifies requests to your origin. Fastly’s UI for Magento also offers even more features to optimize your storefront like end-user blocking, CORS headers management, and integration with other content management systems like Wordpress.

Ensure an Always-on Storefront

Customers expect that they’ll always be able to access your site; when they can’t, they can get frustrated and might move on to other sites. Large spikes in traffic caused by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, or even a flood of legitimate flash traffic, can also result in downtime. The volume, frequency and complexity of DDoS attacks all increased in 2022 (Security Today).

Fastly’s high-performance network is built to absorb traffic spikes while also protecting your site from disruptive DDoS attacks with our unique Origin Shield feature. By dedicating one POP as a shield we can absorb multiple requests for the same content, only sending one request to your origin to retrieve that content and then disseminating it to all other POPs.

Fastly for Magento Open Source: Easy to Install and Use

Fastly Magento Extensions are free, open-source plugins that are simple to install. They are available on Fastly’s GitHub page or the Magento Marketplace. Once installed, you can configure Fastly for your store directly within your Magento admin panel.

Loveholidays increased their conversation rate by 11% using Fastly.

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