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Cloud Partners

AWS offers a broad set of services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications. Fastly works with you to configure and optimize your AWS hosted content and applications for fast global delivery.

Google Cloud Platform enables businesses to build, test, and deploy applications on Google’s highly scalable and reliable infrastructure. Together with Google, we provide you with reduced costs, greater application efficiency, and faster application performance.

Fastly enables customers to collect data in real-time from the edge and seamlessly pair that with insights from Azure services including Data Explorer and Blob Storage in a central, integrated platform.

Oracle offers integrated suites of applications plus secure, autonomous infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud. For more information about Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), please visit us at

Channel Partners


EVOTEK is North America's premier enabler of digital business. With services practices that span an integrated set of technical domains, EVOTEK provides a cohesive approach to digital initiatives while driving business impact.

GuidePoint Security provides cybersecurity solutions & services that help organizations make better decisions. We enable organizations to identify threats, optimize resources, & integrate solutions that mitigate risk.

IDC Frontier is a SoftBank Group company providing IT infrastructure, with cloud and data centers as its hubs. We support our customers’ businesses with our incredibly scalable data centers in the West & East Japan regions, simple and user-friendly cloud services, and a long and rich experience as an IT infrastructure provider. We are confident that we will become the best partner in Japan for our customers, leveraged by the SoftBank Group’s synergies achieved by its wide range of business activities.


Presidio is a Global Digital Services & Solutions Provider delivering customers the secure cloud environments that form the backbone of digital transformation.

TachTech is passionate about trust, security and privacy in the digital world. We bring the integrity, relationships, technology and knowledge to simplify execution and deliver optimal results at global scale.

Tevora is a specialized management consultancy focused on cybersecurity, risk, and compliance services. Our experienced consultants are devoted to supporting CISOs in protecting their organization’s digital assets.

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