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Fastly and Okta Join Forces

Through Fastly’s web application and API protection platform and Okta’s identity and access management solution, joint customers can leverage industry leading protection while maintaining exceptional user experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, April 7, 2021 – Fastly, Inc. (NYSE: FSLY), a global edge cloud platform, today announced a partnership with Okta, the leading independent provider of identity. The integration between Fastly’s Signal Sciences security portfolio and Okta enables organizations to more effectively protect consumer identities without compromising user experience. Joint customers will now gain even better protection against Layer 7 threats, including account takeover, API abuse and misuse, and injection-style attacks.

“Fastly is one of our vital partners in the Okta Integration Network as we continue to strengthen our security offerings for our various customers, especially those experiencing accelerated digital transformation,” said Maureen Little, Vice President, Technology Partnerships, Okta. “Our partnership with Fastly will enable security and engineering teams to continue innovating quickly and safely, without compromising customer needs and experience. The intelligence delivered through this integration will be invaluable to protect organizations from illegitimate users and defend against future threats."

The new Okta Risk Ecosystem API automatically aggregates a continuous feed of real-time attack signals provided by Fastly to assess the risk level of users at any given time, reducing fraud and security risks. By bringing together Okta and Fastly risk signals, customers can benefit from more in-depth authentication validations based on actual user behavior, rather than arbitrary session timeouts.

Fastly’s integration with Okta will empower customers to:

  • Enable a single source of truth for user risk: Through real-time data aggregation, security teams can assess risk and defend against automated bots and adversaries.

  • Improve detection and response against account takeover attacks: Enable automated blocking of account takeover attacks as they occur, while also implementing shields against future attacks.

  • Reduce costs: Decrease the number of fraudulent attacks, along with the high costs associated with protecting against those attacks.

  • Preserve a seamless end user experience: Organizations no longer need to choose between security and user experience. With the risk engine integration, application teams can deliver delightful online experiences, all while keeping their users protected.

“As security threats become more common and sophisticated, there is a clear need for security solutions to work together to provide the best possible defense for customers,” said Sean Leach, Chief Product Architect at Fastly. “This partnership demonstrates Fastly’s ongoing commitment to providing the most innovative and secure experiences for its users.”

To learn more about Fastly and Okta’s risk engine integration, visit:

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