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Fastly Introduces Load Balancer to Enable Secure and Scalable Online Experiences

Built on the Fastly edge cloud platform, solution offers companies high availability, instant scalability and unlimited customization capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO — April 18, 2017 — Fastly today announced its Load Balancer as one of three newly-launched services on Fastly’s edge cloud platform. The platform empowers the world’s most popular online brands to deliver secure, fast and personalized digital experiences. Fastly’s cloud-based Load Balancer offers businesses advantages over traditional solutions such as DNS and appliance-based load balancers, providing content-aware traffic rules, instant scalability, and instant convergence.

Gartner predicts that more than $1 trillion in IT spending will shift from traditional IT solutions to cloud services by 2020. Fastly’s Layer 7 Load Balancer is infrastructure agnostic and can efficiently manage traffic across multiple infrastructure-as-a-service providers, data centers, and hybrid-clouds. Companies can instantly auto-scale applications without modifying existing infrastructure, and immediate, granular controls enable precise traffic routing decisions based on a wide range of criteria, including geographic location, language, cookies, device type, or HTTP headers.

“In today’s modern web economy, the most successful businesses are hyperfocused on customer loyalty,” said Tyler McMullen, CTO at Fastly. “Delivering reliable, secure, and scalable experiences is the first, and most critical, step to earning that loyalty; over 1,000 brands are currently load balancing with Fastly to ensure optimal performance.”

“As the world’s leading discovery platform, Outbrain serves 250 billion recommendations to over 557 million unique visitors each month. We need the ability to scale while maintaining performance and security, said Orit Yaron, VP of Cloud Platform at Outbrain. ”Fastly ensures high-performance availability and empowers us to consistently deliver fast, reliable experiences.”

Key features of the Fastly Load Balancer include:

  • Content-Aware Routing: Customers can intelligently route traffic based on various request aspects such as client location, device type, cookies, URL path, and HTTP headers.
  • Traffic Visibility: Online businesses gain instant visibility into traffic patterns via real-time log streaming.
  • Intelligent Algorithms: Companies can better manage server load with intelligent distribution algorithms including random, round robin, weighted round robin, and hash for sticky sessions.
  • Instant Convergence: Fastly ensures near-instant origin convergence and failover for immediate and granular control, while eliminating additional network hops or points of failure.

To learn more about the Fastly Load Balancer, visit:

About Fastly

Fastly helps the world’s most popular digital businesses keep pace with their customer expectations by delivering fast, secure, and scalable online experiences. Businesses trust Fastly’s edge cloud platform to accelerate the pace of technical innovation, mitigate evolving threats, and scale on demand. Founded in 2011, Fastly powers online destinations including Airbnb, GitHub, Alaska Airlines, Pinterest, Vimeo, The Guardian, and The New York Times. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @fastly.

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